14 Year Old Back Pain

Back pain is not very common in children or teenagers, yet  both can experience back pain due to many reasons.

What Causes a 14 Year Old Back Pain?


  1. Carrying heavy backpacks:

Heavy backpacks can cause strain to back muscles whether you carry it with one strap on one shoulder or with both straps, if you don’t know the right way to carry the backpack correctly, it’ll cause you back painshoulder pain and neck pain.

How should a 14 Year Old carry their backpacks in order to avoid Back Pain? 

heavy backpacks:

  1. Choose  backpacks that are made of lightweight fabric.
  2. Choose backpacks with padded back and padded straps, thin straps will feel like loading extra weight on your shoulders.
  3. Carry it with both straps, never carry it with one strap.
  4. Always tighten the waist belt of the backpack to reduce the amount of weight loaded on your back and shoulders.
  5. Don’t make the straps too loose just to look cool, your long-term appearance and posture will be  negatively affected with it, better yet make them tight as possible.
  6. Backpacks with wheels are the most perfect packs for children, but try to get the ones with long enough handle so that the kid won’t need to bend over the handle while pushing their bags which will negatively affect their back and increase their vulnerability to back pain as well.


2. Poor postures


 Sitting in wrong or bad posture for many hours watching TV, playing video games, texting or socializing on social media will definitely cause back pain.

 You must know how to sit and stand in good proper posture to keep your backbone from being permanently damaged.

Good postures tips:

Poor postures

  1. Never slouch or stoop while sitting or standing.
  2. Always stand or sit with your shoulders and back as straight as possible.
  3. Your head is in the same line of your spine.
  4. Pull in your abdomen .
  5. Keep your feet apart with a width of your shoulder.
  6. Don’t close your knees, it’s better to leave an adequate space between you legs and separate them a little to keep you in a more comfortable sitting position thus preventing back pain especially if your job require sitting for long time sitting.


3. Back injuries

Back injuries


  •  Sports, specially gymnastics or any kind of sorts that might involve sudden moves of the back causing strains or sprains, resulting in back pain.
  • Accident, after involving in an accident, the back can be damaged whether in the joints causing  arthritis or by strains and sprains.






4. Scheuermann’s disease :


It’s a condition which one or more of the bones of the child spine develop wedge shaped deformities that will lead to the curvature of the spine which is also called or known as rounded shape of the back. It’s most common in teenagers.



         It could be treated more easily in its early stages before the deformation of the spine happens

  •     By sitting in good postures.
  •     Regular exercises for the back muscles.



5.  Arthritis 

There are 3 types of arthritis that can affect 14 Year Old Back Pain


  1. Osteoarthritis :

Degenerative spinal arthritis, in which the cartilage that  cushions the vertebrae of the spine degenerates, it’s normally happen when people get older but it can affect younger age groups like children and teenagers due to two reasons:

  •  Genetic disorder causing the degeneration of the cartilages.
  • Injury or trauma in the joints of the vertebrae, due to falling, practicing sports or involving in an accident.
  1. Rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis:

It’s called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) or juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA). It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that the white blood cells and other immune cells, which identifies the foreign bodies of the invading bacteria or viruses, in order to fight and eliminate them, starts to recognize the body cells as a foreign bodies as well and start to fight them, causing inflammation, redness, swelling of the joints. The place of the affected joint can be anywhere, it’s most common in the knees causing knee pain or in the vertebral column causing back pain. Some health references say that it affects approximately 50,000 children in the USA.


  1. Gout arthritis:

It’s a rare type of arthritis that can also affect children, teenagers and adults too.

It occurs due to two  reasons:

  •    From inside your body.
  •    From your diet.

 By daily consuming meals rich in protein, resulting in the elevation of blood level of uric acid, so the body deposits monosodium urate crystals in the joints to reduce the blood level of uric acid, these crystals cause  inflammation of the joints especially the big toe, knees, ankle, elbows and vertebral column joints as well if left untreated.


Gout is easy to be treated, reduce your daily protein intake and use drugs subscribed for gout.