Pain during exercise Athletes suffer from different pains as a result of their exercise, and pain is often the inevitable result that indicates the effectiveness of training, as the muscles of the body face during training more pressure than the usual situation, and the player usually feels this Pressure with a feeling of burning in the muscles, and this light degree of pain is one of the acceptable types of pain, and the player sometimes feels some fatigue in his body after completing exercise, and the feeling of fatigue is also moderately acceptable up to the point of exhaustion and as long as it does not last for several days, The article answers the question about the need to stop exercising when feeling these aches.

Stop exercising when you feel these aches. Exercising in general is one of the things that are beneficial to the body. However, there are some cases in which sports lead to an opposite result and should even avoid exercising during them, and intuition must be followed often to know the need to stop sports when feeling With these aches, and the following is a presentation of cases in which you should stop exercising when you feel these aches.

Feeling severe pain the last time you exercised: Exercising should be avoided if you felt severe pain the last time you exercised, and it should be noted that feeling some congestion is normal after exercising, but feeling severe pain requires a doctor’s review before resuming sports. Feeling back pain: The body should be given several days of rest in the event of back pain. In this context, movements that increase or reduce pain, such as bending, should be monitored, so that they are avoided, and again, the doctor should be consulted if the feeling of these pains continues.

Concussion in the brain: Concussion is a severe injury that requires a period of time to recover, so it is necessary to stop exercising when suffering from it for fear of other injuries that may be devastating to the brain. Reducing the pain experienced by the player during sports The feeling of some congestion during exercise, especially in the muscles, is a natural thing as long as it remains within the reasonable limit so that it does not reach the point of feeling severe chronic pain, and in this context there are some strategies that can alleviate the pain. The pain that the player feels due to exercising, and the following is a presentation of some of them.

The use of ice: The use of ice helps relieve muscle pain, as its effect is similar to that of anti-inflammatory drugs. Rest: Rest is the first way to relieve muscle pain, and here you should balance rest periods with training periods. Graduality: The gradation of exercise is key to avoiding the occurrence of pain so that it is slowly starting to exercise and gradually building up.

Practicing new exercises may expose you to feeling some pain in the muscles after completing the exercises, and this pain extends for 48 hours, and this leads many people to give up the idea of ​​starting to exercise for fear of exposure to those aches.

In order to protect yourself from the muscle pain associated with the new exercise, you should follow the tips provided by your life magazine in this article to be able to enjoy healthy exercises free from the annoying aches that often prevent you from doing various household and functional tasks.

Eating foods that contain a large proportion of fat increases the problem of muscle pain during the first days of training in order to feed the muscles on those fats, so be sure to eat foods free of oils and fats to protect yourself from muscle pain resulting from exercise and to avoid feeling tired during the training period .
the toilet
Make sure that you take a bath with warm and cold water at the same time. Standing under cold water for a few minutes and then changing it with warm water and repeating this process helps in stimulating blood circulation and relaxing the muscles, which protects against the annoying muscle pain caused by exercising.

warm up
Practicing warm-up exercises before starting different exercises is one of the important things that cause protection from feeling sore after the exercises are completed. Warm up before starting hard exercise because this provides the oxygen that the body and muscles need during the training period and enhances blood circulation.
healthy nutrition
You have to know that healthy nutrition is enough reason to have a healthy and graceful body, and with exercise, attention must be paid to obtaining the nutrients that the body needs to enjoy a pain-free body that is able to exercise without feeling tired and exhausted, so be sure to feed yourself with the necessary magnesium and protein to avoid Feeling the pain of exercise and fatigue.
70% of the muscle cell structure is made up of water, and this is reason enough to take an appropriate amount of water during exercise.

Pay attention to the gradual, so do not exercise all the exercises on the first day of your exercise, because this may expose your muscles to severe pain as a result of exerting great effort during the training period, which causes you to suffer from pain in all the muscles of your body, just use a special trainer or just select specific and general games in At least the first week to protect yourself from the muscle aches associated with exercise.
Practicing a massage in a massage center with a specialized person helps stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles, so make sure to take a break and relax by practicing a massage session to relax your muscles and body during the first training period