Causes of inactivity in the body and how to get rid of it.

Some imagine that lethargy (Fatigue) is a personality trait related to a person’s laziness, and they do not know that it may occur due to a health or psychological problem that affects the individual, and makes him less mobile and unable to move normally daily.

Causes of inactivity
If the inactivity is the result of a health or psychological problem, the reasons are as follows:

Having heart or breathing problems: such as; Heart muscle weakness or narrowing of the heart valves, as well as high pulmonary pressure, and lung fibrosis (lung fibrosis).
Infection with various infections: such as; Infections of the kidneys, liver, or bladder, or infection with influenza that lead to general fatigue in the body.
Lack of vitamins in the body: the most important of which are vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, and anemia, all of which lead to lethargy.
Stress and psychological problems: The large number of psychological pressures and thinking causes pressure on the brain, which affects all parts of the body and makes the patient feel lazy.
Not getting the ideal food: When a person does not eat a complete food that is rich in all the essential elements of energy and activity, he will inevitably become lethargic.
lethargy symptoms
There are some symptoms that a person feels in case of lethargy, which usually include the following:

Feeling tired and exhausted: a feeling of general weakness in all parts of the body.
Yellowing of the skin: the appearance of signs of fatigue on the face, with blackness under the eyes.
The body sweats constantly: even with little effort or physical activity.
Sleep addiction: a person with pathological inactivity tends to sleep for long periods, and continue to feel tired even after waking up.
Bad psychological state: the more a person feels that he is lazy and cannot move, the worse his psychological state is, and it is preferable to stay away from contact with people or achieve achievements in life.
How to cure lethargy

body ache you should never ignore

body ache you should never ignore

In the event that there is a pathological reason for the lethargy, then it is recommended to visit a doctor to treat the problem. However, a person can help himself reduce the feeling of lethargy by doing some things:

Getting rid of stress and pressure: Excessive thinking can affect the body’s energy and vitality, and yoga helps to eliminate stress, as well as body massage and relaxation.
Eating a healthy, integrated food: that is, not giving up any meal or any essential element of nutrients, especially vegetables and fruits, and in return avoiding fatty foods and sugars that lead to lethargy.
Drinking sufficient amounts of water: which helps in avoiding dehydration that causes lethargy, so it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day.
Take enough rest and sleep: as irregular sleep, and the lack of daily sleep hours cause a feeling of permanent sleepiness and laziness.
Exercising and regularly doing it on a daily basis to ensure that the body maintains its activity and strength necessary to perform various daily tasks.
Showering with cold water: This greatly helps in stimulating the body and blood vessels, and avoid showering with hot water.
Maintaining weight: being overweight is one of the most prominent factors that lead to lethargy and the inability to engage in various activities, and in the event of excess fat in the body, it is recommended to follow a diet to get rid of this excess fat.

Causes of body pain Infections and infection A bacterial or viral infection activates the body’s immune system, which sends white blood cells to the area of ​​inflammation to fight the bacteria or virus that causes it, leading to a feeling of muscle pain and stiffness. Examples of infection include: influenza, And colds, and others.[1] Some types of medicines Taking some types of medicines and drugs cause pain in the body, and muscle stiffness, and among these medicines are statins, used to reduce cholesterol levels in the body,[2] in addition to regulators. blood pressure and others.

fibromyalgia fibromyalgia is defined as a syndrome that affects the patient for a long period of time, and leads to his suffering from body pain, fatigue, lethargy, difficulty sleeping, headache, and others, and the causes that lead to infection are unknown, but they are related to the high level of some Chemicals in the brain, which play a role in the nature of the central nervous system’s transmission of nerve signals.[3] Dehydration The lack of water in the body leads to the disruption of several functions in the body, such as: breathing and digestion, and this causes suffering from physical pain as well, and cases of dehydration are accompanied by feeling Thirst, and urine change color to become dark, and a person may feel tired and dizzy, and among the cases that cause dehydration of the body: Suffering from diarrhea without drinking sufficient quantities of water. And compensate for the energy he uses, and it is also necessary to keep the brain alert and active, and a person needs to sleep for at least six to eight hours a day, and many symptoms appear when lack of sleep, including: suffering from body pain, poor concentration, and memory, comprehension and pronunciation skills.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is defined as a chronic condition of fatigue and an inability to complete daily tasks, and may be accompanied by body aches, sleep disturbances, difficulty concentrating and thinking, and dizziness, and are considered the causes of this syndrome It is not clear, but it is believed that there is more than one stimulus that they share, and people between the ages of forty and sixty years, females, and people with white skin are more susceptible than others. , which is caused by infection with the Epstein-Barr virus,[6] and mononucleosis is accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and pain in the body, high temperature, enlarged lymph nodes, jaundice, skin sensitivity, and others.[4] Autoimmune disorders Autoimmune disorders occur as a result of attacking the system The immune system of healthy parts of the body leads to damage, and the most famous examples are: [1] Systemic lupus erythematosus. Immune myositis. Multiple Sclerosis.