Causes of body bloating Is bloating of the body dangerous? Swelling or swelling of the body occurs when parts of the body or skin swell, usually due to inflammation or fluid accumulation. Skin and muscles, due to cuts, insect bites, or some diseases. This swelling, edema, or edema may also affect a small part or all of the body, as a result of small blood vessels leaking body fluids into the tissues. Learn with us in this article the causes of body bloating in detail, and the cases in which it is dangerous.

Causes of body swelling Inflammation of tissues, muscles, bones and skin, as in the case of ankle sprains or insect bites or with cysts and tumors, may cause external swelling, and although fluid retention is internal, swelling may appear externally, and its common causes: lack of protein “albumin”, Proteins act as a sponge to keep fluids flowing in the blood vessels, and when there is a lack of it, which is often for another reason, the body may swell. Allergic reaction, such as when the body is exposed to an irritant or an allergen, and the blood vessels near the affected area leak fluids to it. Obstruction of blood flow due to blood clots or tumors in the veins, or the flow of lymph fluid in the lymph vessels causing swelling. Serious causes, such as: burns and severe infections that cause swelling throughout the body. Congestive heart failure is when the heart muscle weakens and pumps blood less effectively, fluid buildup in blood, causing swelling in the feet, or fluid buildup in the lungs or abdomen. Liver diseases such as cirrhosis, which reduces the levels of albumin and proteins in the blood, and fluid leaks to the abdomen and feet. Pregnancy in which slight swelling of the foot occurs, but there are serious conditions in pregnancy that cause swelling, such as deep venous thrombosis or preeclampsia. Head injury, brain tumors, or obstructed drainage of brain fluids (hydrocephalus), which may cause swelling in the head, with headache, disorientation, loss of consciousness and fainting. Medications, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, calcium channel blockers, cortisone medications, and diabetes medications, such as pioglitazone and rosiglitazone, and pramipexole, which treats neurological problems. Some of the various causes, such as: Imbalance of sodium levels in the blood. Living in high altitudes. Malnutrition. insect bites; Skin rash. hormonal changes; Not moving for a long time. The period of the menstrual cycle or at the age after menopause. Thyroid diseases. While we take some cases that cause the body to bloat with something.

Causes of body swelling in diabetic patients Some diabetic patients may suffer from the spread of swelling in the body or swelling of certain parts of their limbs, such as the toes or hands, and the following diabetes problems: Poor blood circulation. obesity; Venous insufficiency. Cardiovascular disease. Acute renal failure. acute liver failure; Protein-losing enteropathy, in which the intestines lose protein. Because of these conditions, as well as some diabetes medications that cause swelling in the body, diabetes may cause swelling. Causes of body bloating before menstruation Sometimes a woman feels heaviness in her stomach and swelling before the onset of her period, and at the beginning of the period, and body bloating is one of the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, which affects women a week or two before the start of the menstrual cycle, due to changes in the levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen, This leads to fluid retention in the body, bloating and fullness, especially in the abdominal area, and the matter increases if a woman takes birth control pills. Causes of swelling of the body due to the kidneys People with kidney disease have problems getting rid of fluid and excess sodium from the blood, which puts pressure on the blood vessels, and fluid leaks out, especially in the hands and feet and around the eyes, and in the case of nephrotic syndrome, in which the glomeruli of the kidneys (fine blood vessels) are damaged They act as filters and get rid of waste) The level of the protein “albumin” decreases, which leads to swelling in the body. Causes of swelling of the body when waking up There are several reasons for swelling of body parts – such as the hands – when waking up, such as: arthritis. pregnancy. Scleroderma. Kidney problems. Carpal tunnel syndrome due to wrist strain. High sodium diet. Wrong sleeping position due to sleeping too much on an organ, which leads to swelling.

Is body bloating dangerous? Body swelling may be a natural symptom – such as swollen feet – due to standing for a long time, or pregnancy, but you should go to the doctor if the swelling in the body is not known from its source, or if it lasts for a long time, or does not respond to medications, or is accompanied by some symptoms such as: chest pain . Rapid or difficult breathing. Hyperthermia. Hot hands and feet. stress and fatigue; head injury The cause may be serious, such as: heart disease and heart failure. Kidney disease or kidney failure. Chronic lung disease. thrombolysis; carcinoid tumors; Liver diseases. Severe, life-threatening infection. Anaphylactic shock, which may cause sudden drop in blood pressure, narrowing of the airways, and difficulty breathing.