A complete Belongings: The Jinn has the entire body of a person, such as the one that experiences seizures.

A partial Property: The Jinn possesses one certain body organ of the body, such as an arm, leg or tongue.

Continuous Belongings: The Jinn has the body for a long period of time.

Momentary Belongings: Which lasts no more than a couple of mins, like a headache.

Sorts of Ownership

Regional Property (Ta’ifa): i.e. “passing by, comes and goes (not irreversible). Allah states: And also if an evil suggestion involves you from Satan, after that seek sanctuary in Allah. Without a doubt, He is all Hearing and Knowing. Undoubtedly, those that are afraid Allah– when an impulse touches them from Satan, they remember [Him] and also simultaneously they have insight (Surat Al-‘ A`rāf 7:200; 7:201)– And I look for sanctuary in you, my Lord, lest they exist with me (Surat Al-Mu’ minūn 23:98).

Regional possession: i.e. “passing by Is a sort of property that occurs as a seizure in ones rest when one can not take a breath, move or speak. It occurs so quick maybe simply secs or minutes, sometimes otherwise all, the jinn does this from outdoors, usually it is a flying type jinn.

Projectory Possession (Aarid): A real kind of property that is going by which acquire a person for a certain time for hours during the day or night then leaves the body and returns the following day, week, month, year or perhaps leaves the body and also does not come back at all. May Allah maintain them out. From study some client feel the separation of the jinn leaving the body in the form of a feeling appearing like that of an abrupt drinking or shiver of one of the legs, or a solid air leaving through the mouth … etc., particularly when the jinn recognizes that he/she will be stated on, he/she leave the body.

Going Along With Ownership (Ikthiraan): Is a true type of belongings that the jinn permanently seizes one part of the body such as the leg, womb, back or it can acquire the whole body, night and day when asleep or awake, it becomes as if it is a part of the body.

Outside Property (Khariji): Exterior property is a kind of ownership where the jinn comes with the person full-time or part-time. It is mentioned in a Hadith in Sahih Muslim told by Huthayfah, that when they took a seat with the prophet (ﷺ) to eat they would wait until the prophet began, a young girl was coming close to the food as if she was obtaining pressed from an unidentified force, as she reached out for the food the prophet (ﷺ) grabbed her hand, the exact same happened to a Bedouin Arab, he reached his hand to get hold of the food, the prophet (ﷺ) got his hand also. The prophet (ﷺ) claimed that the Shaytan make authorized for themselves food that has actually not been mentioned the name of Allah. The jinn has the capacity to take form of a person or animal, that can have a physical touch on an individual, or he can sit on an individual’s back, causing thickness, rigidity of the chest, stage whisper, temper, or pertains to an individual when he is sleeping and also continue a point in the brain to create seizure. The shaytan can materialize of a bug or animal and also moves around the person’s body and apparel, causing scratches, swellings or blows in his face to discourage the individual to ensure that he/she can not go to sleep, the jinn can take form of an attractive woman/man to have sex-related relationships with.

Transitus Belongings (Mu’ tadi): This type of possession is where more than someone is afflicted all at once by a solitary jinn primarily from the same relationship of the one that is experiencing. For one reason or another this is why it is called transitus (Definition: to overlook or cross through). Maybe several jinn that can be accompanied with a group (family members, gang, clan, slaves or detainees) in this belongings. It could be an exterior assault, that’s why an individual can go to a Raaqi but to no affect, due to the fact that the jinn remains in the wife/ hubby/ mommy/ close friend ect … Imaginary Ownership (Wahmi): “This kind is of misconception is one of the most harmful and the most common”. Fictional epilepsy is the outcome of mixing with those that are had, after that starting to envision oneself is afflicted with the same signs and symptoms, or the therapist recommends to the person that he/she is afflicted. Perhaps this is one of the means the shayateen capitalize from the situation by taking authority over the mind to make him think that it is a reality that he is possessed, when continuing reading him/her the person will certainly drop, yell and yell as if it is a jinn. Fictional ownership is the most awful sort of illness. It begins of with a suggestion after that it comes to be a belief causing activities, which is all an autosuggestion. There is no treatment for this but for the opposite of the actual possession, sihr and ayn witchcraft, Allah has given us the cure (Ruqya).

False pretense Some client that return and fourth to the Raaqi, with their own agenda as well as goals by coming going to the sessions when continuing reading them occurs they shriek and also yell stating I am below for such and such sihr, however truly the person is not had or afflicted in anyway by any kind of member the globe of the unseen. This is a really dangerous scenario for the person that’s acting and existing, the jinn might see this as a mockery to their world, it is possible they will assault and create damage. All of this is to seek attention from others, or to have a justification for their bad actions.

Jinn Existence and Departure.

Just as there are many different kinds of individuals, there are many kinds of jinn. Many people assume when one is had by a jinni he/she have to behave in a particular method; this is wrong as well as is a poor understanding of the truth of demonology. The influence of jinn on human beings can be divided right into a variety of groups:.

Presence of Waswasah: (suggestions/whispering) It is an overwhelming kind of property which is tiring and also difficult for the patient, making them cry, laugh and also blow up without any actual explanation. This kind of presence of the jinn can last for hours, days or for the entire life expectancy of the individual causing anxiousness, tension, anxiety and Compulsive Uncontrollable Condition (OCD). This is extremely difficult for both the individual and also their family.

Influence on the brain of the individual: The jinni utilizes the brain to regulate the human senses, nerves, muscles, and does not experience excessive from bring the body of the person. This might last for a couple of mins, days or possibly a lot of the person life. An instance of this sort of ownership is ‘madness’.

Impact on the mind of the client (without property): This sort of possession is the same as the previous one (influence on the brain of the individual), but without having the body or the nerves.

Impact on the person’s body: The jinni takes possession of one part of the person’s body creating back pain, headache as well as might cause loss of hearing or vision. This occurs whilst the individual is totally conscious as well as may last for a number of days as the jinni can seize just one area of the body; as in the case of paralysis of the legs brought on by jinn possession. It is more apparent when the individual is obtaining ruqyah or complying with a Ruqya program.

The double visibility: In this sort of situation, if you want to talk with the patient or to the jinni you can do so. It is a really complicated experience for the Raqi, much more complicated for family members who do not believe or remain in denial of jinn belongings.

Complete presence: This type of ownership is when a jinni takes full control of the person from head to toe.

The Jinn Effects.

SPIRITUAL– The Jinn impact an individual spiritually. Their ultimate goal is to take a person far from Allah and outside of Islam. They attain this via making an individual careless to perform salah, until they leave it. Tough to state Qur’ an, up until they quit it. Unmotivated to research Islam, till they abandon it. Gradually taking a toll on the person’s eeman (belief), until they damage it.

PSYCHOLOGICAL– The Jinn result an individual mentally. Whether it is for vengeance, sent out via Magic or out of love, their purpose is to accomplish their task as well as wishes. They accomplish this via getting to the individual’s heart as well as into their minds. Via waswaas they can create extreme mood swings resulting in clinical depression, anxiousness, rage as well as severe desire and lewd habits. This taking a toll on the person’s life till it is ruined.

PHYSICAL– The Jinn impact a person physically equally as they impact mentally. Being afflicted in the heart and mind has a direct impact on the physical state and wellness of an individual. Jinn can cause clinical illnesses, unexplained discomforts and swellings as well as sexual assault by having and living within a person. This taking a toll on the individual’s overall well being and health up until it is ruined.

Source of Information: Shaykh al Islam Ibn Taimiyya’s “Eedawh ad-Dalaalah cost ‘Umoom ar-Risaalah” in vol 19. of Majmoo’ul Fataawaa.