Treating body pain without painkillers
– Do simple, easy and likable exercises for 10 minutes to relax the muscles and change their positions. Stay away from cold drinks, and resort to warm drinks such as chamomile soothing muscles, and chamomile a pain reliever. – Eat light food and do not fill your stomach throughout the day to feel comfortable and painless.

Who among us did not suffer from the feeling of sporadic body pain and lethargy, there are many popular solutions to treat body pain without resorting to painkillers.

Dr. Saber Suleiman, a physiotherapy consultant, advises to focus on alternative treatment and physiotherapy to treat body pain and breakage, without resorting to taking painkillers that strain the stomach and kidneys, and their complications are dangerous to health.

Causes of body pain
And body pain, as explained by Dr. Saber Suleiman, is a severe fatigue of the muscles and joints of the body that needs a quick solution so that the patient does not suffer from a state of laziness, and the inability to perform more physical effort, so it is preferable to resort to alternative solutions to drug treatment.

Treating body pain without painkillers
The physiotherapist offers some tips that help get rid of body pain without the need for painkillers, and resort to drug solutions:

– Do simple, easy and likable exercises for 10 minutes to relax the muscles and change their positions.
Stay away from cold drinks, and resort to warm drinks such as chamomile soothing muscles, and chamomile a pain reliever.
– Eat light food and do not fill your stomach throughout the day to feel comfortable and pain-free.
– Do not make excessive effort and do not relax your muscles excessively, but rather your motor activity so that you do not feel more pain.
Take care to drink a very large amount of water, and avoid sugars that make you feel more sluggish.
Drink a cup of warm water in the morning with a spoonful of sweet honey, to cleanse the body and get rid of its pain.
Make sure to wear clothes suitable for the weather, without increasing or decreasing so that the muscles of your body do not suffer from pain.

There is a lot of complaints now about the annoying body pain that prevents us from performing daily activities as it should be, whether these pains are caused by injuries, diseases, infections, surgeries, etc.

The degree of pain varies from person to person depending on the cause, location of pain, health status of the person, age and other factors.

body ache treatment at home

body ache treatment at home

For example, the pain caused by a knee injury as a result of a fall to the ground is completely different from the pain caused by a migraine in the head even though their strength may be the same.

The pain usually occurs as a result of inflammation of the nerves, tissues or muscles in the affected area, and despite the need to eliminate the pain quickly, strong painkillers are not the best solution because they contain chemicals that harm your body in the long run.

If you are one of those who suffer from any annoying pain in the body, here are 8 natural ways to get rid of them, according to what was stated on the Bold Sky website on health, which are as follows:

1 – Acupuncture

A study conducted in the Department of Pain Management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in California concluded that acupuncture is an effective natural treatment method for reducing pain, by gradually changing cognitive behavioral patterns and reducing the brain’s response to pain stimuli.

2 – aerobic exercise

Regular exercise helps treat many diseases as well as relieve pain, but there are certain types of exercises, such as yoga and aerobics, that work to stretch the muscles of the body and reduce pain. Exercise also stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, which reduces pain and inflammation as well.

3 – Mediterranean diet

A recent Brazilian study found that following a Mediterranean diet, which includes a lot of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, fish and nuts, can also help reduce pain naturally, because this diet is low in sugar and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

4- Muscle lengthening exercises

Muscle stretching exercises are suitable for relieving pain caused by muscle spasms, joint injuries, sprains, and arthritis.

These exercises are by trying to gently stretch and massage the affected part on a daily basis to reduce inflammation and spasm in the affected area, thus helping to reduce pain naturally.

5- Vitamin D

Vitamin D as we all know helps maintain health, as it is one of the most important vitamins that are characterized by its health benefits, including reducing pain, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation, especially in the bones and joints and thus reduce pain In those areas as well as in other parts of the body.

6- Cognitive behavioral therapy

It is a psychotherapeutic technique used to treat some mental and physical illnesses by recognizing inaccurate or negative thinking and dealing with it in an appropriate manner, which helps a person to better resist and manage pain.

7 – Turmeric

Turmeric, a type of spice used in our kitchens, is a magical tool that is used in many natural remedies for some diseases such as influenza, skin diseases, arthritis, and others, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It can be used as a topical pain reliever by placing it mixed with water on the affected area of ​​the body.

8 – coffee

A new study published in the medical journal Nature stated that drinking a cup of coffee, preferably without sugar, daily can help reduce age-related pain, such as joint pain, back pain, and others, thanks to caffeine, which reduces inflammation significantly. It is natural and can help regenerate damaged cells in the affected area.

Body pain is very common and can be a symptom of many conditions. Chronic body pain is when you experience body pain regularly. You can try solutions for body pain if you walk, stand, or exercise for long periods of time. Taking pain relievers can help with pain, but it is not a long-term solution. There are many home remedies that you can try to reduce body pain. Read this article to find out how to relieve pain.