Abscess are sores that are slow to heal or maintain returning. They can take many forms as well as can show up both on the within and also the outside of your body.

They can be located on areas of your body you can see, such as a leg ulcer located on the skin, or in position you can not see, such as a peptic ulcer in the lining of your belly or upper intestinal tract. From your eye to your foot, you can obtain them almost anywhere on your body.

Injuries, conditions, as well as infections can cause them. What they resemble relies on where you have them as well as how you obtained them. While some vanish by themselves, others cause severe issues if you do not treat them.

Leg as well as Foot Ulcers

These can be agonizing as well as may take months to heal. They differ in exactly how they look, from red smudges that ooze to darkened patches of puffy skin.

What causes them? Most start with an injury that does not recover well because of a few other health and wellness concern– usually, a blood flow trouble.

If you have problems with your veins, you can obtain venous abscess, one of the most common kind on your legs. You’re more probable to get them if you have:

A background of blood clots in your legs
You have actually had swelling in your legs before
Restricted capacity to walk around
Osteo arthritis (when cartilage on the ends of your bones wears down).
Varicose veins.
If you have troubles with your arteries, such as plaque buildup (atherosclerosis), you may obtain arterial abscess. Typically, you obtain these on your feet as well as toes.

Diabetes can create nerve as well as blood flow problems that cause ulcers. They generally show up on your feet. When you have diabetes, it’s best to examine your feet for even small injuries on a daily basis.

What problems can they lead to? If neglected, leg and also foot ulcers can bring about:.

Having a foot or part of your leg got rid of (occasionally a problem with diabetic person ulcers).
Weakening of bones (when your bones end up being weak as well as quickly break in an autumn).