I suffer from a bad psychological state due to constant dizziness and urination while increasing dizziness, and I have cold feet and fingers, palpitations during dizziness, and when sitting I feel dizziness, and also standing, headache in the forehead, rare nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, lower back pain, and pain Behind the head from below, the doctor said to me after doing the electrocardiogram: I am healthy, but you have severe tension, which raises the pressure, and an increase in heart rate 80 + 120 + Is the dizziness from heartbeat, nosebleeds or pressure?

The presence of dizziness and involuntary urination with dizziness usually indicates inflammation in the peripheral nerves, and inflammation of the sympathetic nerves, but this is associated with a decrease in pressure when standing.

And in people who suffer from diabetes, they may have such complications, and all these symptoms that you suffer from are dizziness, palpitations and tinnitus, lower back pain, and burning in the extremities. You need to know many things, especially the results of the medical examination and the tests that were done.

There are general analyzes that must be done other than sugar, so we need the following analyzes:

Urine analysis.
Liver and kidney analysis.

You should see a doctor specialized in internal medicine for a thorough medical examination, and you should record all these symptoms, especially if there is weight loss, abdominal pain or any skin symptoms or hearing loss or any redness in the skin or an increase in body temperature.