Do you suffer from strange pain in your joints? The cause may be transient or serious. In the following article, we will learn about a group of health conditions that may be behind your joint pain.

There are many reasons for your joint pain, which is bothersome and affects your quality of life. Learn about some of the causes of joint pain in the following article:

Causes of joint pain
Here are some of the causes of joint pain:

1- Take a specific medication
Although medications and antibiotics are designed to treat, they can sometimes have unpleasant reactions and complications, especially penicillin-type antibiotics, which cause an allergic reaction.
But the difference between joint pain caused by some medications and joint pain that have other causes, is that complications here do not appear only in the joints, but tend to appear in other different parts of the body as well, such as:

redness of the eyes;
Irritation in the gastrointestinal tract.
So, if joint pain and other strange and new symptoms coincide with starting a new medication, consult your doctor immediately.

2- gout infection
One of the main causes of joint pain is gout, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of uric acid, which causes the formation of a type of crystal that in turn causes inflammation in the joints.

Acute attacks of gout often occur specifically in the big toe, and pain may appear in other places as well, such as: the ankle and knee.

Although gout is more common among men, this does not mean that women are not susceptible to it, but this is possible, especially after reaching menopause.

3- Sarcoidosis
Normally, the body’s immune system protects you from any pathogens, but if you have sarcoidosis, the immune system becomes malfunctioning, and antibodies begin to collect in different parts of the body, causing many symptoms, such as: fever, fatigue, and difficulty breathing.

There is a special type of sarcoidosis that affects the joints, and attacks fiercely and painfully in the spring rather than in the other seasons. However, the patient’s condition improves after several months, or it is possible for the symptoms of the disease to disappear temporarily with appropriate medications.

4- Lyme disease
A tick bite may cause you to get Lyme disease, and here you may be bitten and get sick without realizing and without showing any obvious symptoms.

If the infection occurs and the infection begins to spread silently in the body without diagnosis or

treatment, the infection may spread acutely throughout the body within weeks.

Visible symptoms include headache, fever, and joint pain.

In some acute cases, these symptoms or part of them may become chronic symptoms that persist with the patient even after the end of treatment for a long period.

– fibromyalgia
Women generally have fibromyalgia more often than men, and this painful condition may be triggered by a number of things, including a constant feeling of stress.

The cause of inflammation and injury here may be that the nervous system sends pain signals to all parts of the body, and the brain may overreact to normal things, such as smells and sounds.

The pain here is not only limited to the joints, but the patient will often feel pain in other parts of the body as well.

6- Bone cancer
Bone cancer can be one of the causes of joint pain, as bone pain is one of the classic symptoms of bone cancer, and joint pain may occur when a malignant tumor is near the joint and pressing on it.

Pain from bone cancer usually increases at night or during periods of physical activity.

But you have to realize here that the chances of joint pain being bone cancer are very small, and bone cancer is much less common than other types of cancer.