Learn More About How Can You Get Rid Of Arthritis In The Knee?

Knee pain  and soreness are of the common reasons behind many people seeking medical care

This can actually makes sense,

Because the knee joint pain can debrieve many of people suffering from it from their sleep as well as their ability to walk or even move normally,

This is totally understandable if only knowing that the knee joint is what supports the entire body weight,

It carries and support us while standing as well as when bending over.

If any damage or injury affected this important body joint,

The knee pain and soreness accompanied can be unbearable.



 Knee Pain And Soreness


There are different types and degrees to the knee pain that one might experience:

  • A mild ache
  • Clicking sound with mild pain
  • A sharp acute pain
  • Stabbing pain that is usually accompanied with swelling and warmth in the knee.
  • Weak knee that locks the knee while walking can also be  very discomforting and painful feeling.


You need to determine the exact type of knee pain you’re having,

In order to get the right diagnosis.

However, if you even suffer from a mild aching knee on recurring basis,

Don’t ignore it, and consult your doctor at your earliest opportunity.


Knee Pain And Soreness From Arthritis

Arthritic knee pain can be interpreted in different manners.

Yet the severity of the symptoms will always depend on these factors:

  • Age
  • Genetic factors
  • Previous knee joint problems and medical history
  • The degree of damage and deterioration of the knee joint
  • The patient’s physical condition
  • The ability of patient to bear and handle the pain in general


However the knee pain from arthritis have some other signs closely related to it for you so you can easily identify the exact type of knee pain you’re having.


Symptoms Of Knee Arthritis

  1. Knee Pain And Soreness
  2. Stiffness
  3. Swelling
  4. Redness
  5. Decreased range of motion
  6. Instability and Knee locking while walking or standing for long times
  7. Cracking  and clicking sounds




  • Things That Increase knee pain From Arthritis


How Can You Get Rid Of Arthritis In The Knee By Avoiding This:


  • Staying in the same position for long times


That’s way arthritis knee pain is the worse in morning right er driving for after getting out of bed.

As well as after driving for longer trips.



  • Bending positions.


Loading the body weight on the injured knee while bending, can weaken the knee joints and also will cause severe knee pain.



  • Intense activities


Even a long walk can negatively affects your knee joint,

And it can even make the joint aching for several later days



  • Things That Reduce knee pain From Arthritis


How Can You Get Rid Of Arthritis In The Knee By Doing This:

    • cold compresses after any intense activity, helps to reduce inflammation,

Thus they usually works as an instant knee pain reliever.

    • Applying hot compresses or a hot shower, can also sooth the pain as it relax the muscles of the body.
    • Avoid any type of exhausting or intense activities.
    • Maintaining a healthy weight to avoid overloading on the knee joint.


Can You Get Rid Of Arthritis In The Knee With Medications?


There are many types of treatment that help to cure or at least reduce your knee pain caused by arthritis

Such drugs may affect your kidneys, So you have to consult your doctor before using any over-the-counter drugs.


Injections :

  • hyaluronic acid injections, as they  lubricates the knee joints to enable a much smoother joint mobility
  • corticosteroid injections, they work on reducing inflammation and relieving the knee pain
  • Removing the fluid of arthrocentesis from the knee joint with a needle, this fluid is said to worsen the arthritis knee pain



Can You Get Rid Of Arthritis In The Knee With Surgeries?


  • If none of the previous treatment has helped to make you feel better, your doctor might suggest a surgery .
  • There are 3 common types of knee surgeries to treat knee arthritis
  1. Replacing the whole knee joint, with another plastic, metal or ceramic artificial one.
  2. osteotomy,  this surgery includes adjusting and modifying the knee joint in order to control and reduce the damage causing the arthritis knee pain.
  3. arthroscopy,  this includes repairing the joint and removing any damaged parts.

Deciding which surgery is suitable for you, depends on the level of knee pain you’re experiencing, and how arthritis affecting your normal life.


Natural Remedies And Exercises To Reduce Arthritis Knee Pain

  1. There are some types of knee exercises that are designed especially to strengthen the knee joint without loading on it or wearing it out.

These exercises include:

  • Knee strength training
  • Water aerobics
  • Tai chi


  1. Also losing some weight may help a lot in making you feel less knee pain.
  2. Recent studies proved the ability of some natural remedies and supplements to actually reduce the arthritis knee pain:
  • avocado soybean unsaponifiables (ASU)
  • capsaicin, which helps with OA and RA
  • turmeric powder and supplements
  • chondroitin sulfate which found in cow or sheep or other animal’s bone cartilage
  • Glucosamine sulfate