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Back Pain Center
Welcome to Our Back Pain Center. You will find information on Back Pain as well as many common back problems. We will also describe some methods and tools for relieving back pain.

Your doctor’s office should be the first stop in your quest to eliminate back pain. Your doctor may diagnose a condition that requires surgery or drugs. She may also recommend more subtle methods of relief, such as the methods described here in Back Pain Plus.

Some Causes of Lower Back Pain
There are many reasons why you may be experiencing discomfort. The nerves that go to the arms and legs or those that feed into the spine could be irritated. The back muscles, or erector spinae, which support the spine may be strained. You could have injured a bone, ligament, joint, or disc. Some back pain is caused by improper gait or posture, or generally weak and unconditioned muscles.

Back pain symptoms are not always proportional to the severity of the injury. Major injuries may cause little to no pain, whereas a minor strain could be the source of excruciating pain. Some discomfort can have no apparent anatomical cause.

Sometimes back pain indicates a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. You may require surgery if your pain is accompanied by sudden incontinence, progressive weakness in the arms or legs, or severe abdominal pain, or if you are currently experiencing weight loss due to cancer treatment. However, most back pain is a symptom of less acute stress. Try some of the tips offered here at Back Pain Plus to relieve this type of back pain.

Back Pain and Exercise
After you talk to your doctor and make sure that your back pain isn’t a sign of a more serious problem, you might want to try some self-help, including some of the resources offered on Back Pain Plus. If your doctor says it’s advisable, try beginning an exercise regimen. Strengthening your back, hip, and leg muscles will help them to do more of the work, taking much of the pressure off your back.

Conditioning exercises such as walking, swimming, and bike riding can help to build all-over strength. You should also add specific exercises that will strengthen important parts of your body such as your back, hips, and legs. Improving your flexibility with stretching exercises or yoga may help temporarily relieve back pain, but it will also reduce the risk of further injuring your back or the rest of your body.

Back Pain Center–Your Source for Back Pain Relief
One of the easiest, least expensive, and most effective ways to relieve back pain is through proper support with cushions and braces. While you are sitting or sleeping, these devices aid proper posture and allow your back to get the complete rest it needs to heal. Support devices include orthopedic pillows, lumbar cushions, neck support pillows, and posture braces. All of these devices and more are described in Back Pain Plus. Thank you for visiting.

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