What are the causes of severe pain in the left breast? What are the risk factors? How is this problem diagnosed and treated? Here is the complete file

Severe pain in the left breast: causes
Among the things that may lead to pain in the left breast are the following:

1. Injury to the area
The breast area is covered by sensitive skin under which there are many nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues, in addition to the presence of a group of channels and lobes responsible for milk production, so any injury in the breast area may cause bruising and pain that may be severe and continuous until the injury site heals.
2. Undergoing breast surgery
Undergoing surgery in the left breast may cause tissue scarring and may cause nerve damage or inflammation in the area, which in turn leads to pain that ranges from one person to another, ranging from mild pain to severe pain, and its effect may be superficial or may be deep pain.

3. Hormonal causes
Changes in hormone levels during menstruation, when taking hormonal oral contraceptives, or taking infertility treatments may cause pain in one or both breasts, but the most common is pain in one breast and pain in the armpits.

It is worth noting that hypothyroidism is directly related to hormonal fluctuations and benign breast disorders that are accompanied by breast pain.

4. Other reasons
Other possible causes of severe breast pain include the following:

Breast cysts.
Inflammatory breast cancer.
chest wall pain
stomach acid reflux
peptic ulcer;
Severe pain in the left breast: risk factors
Factors that increase the chance of developing breast pain include:

Breast size: If the breast is large, it may cause pain and may be accompanied by pain in the neck and back.
Amino acid imbalance: An imbalance of amino acids within the breast cells makes the tissues more sensitive to hormones that may cause pain.
Certain medications: Use of certain hormonal medications, such as contraceptives, post-menopausal medications, or some types of depression medications, may cause breast pain.
Large amounts of caffeine: Although there is little evidence, it has been observed that breast pain improves in individuals who consume excessive caffeine when the amount of caffeine intake is reduced.
Severe pain in the left breast: diagnosis
The cause of breast pain is diagnosed by performing the following tests:

Clinical examination: through which changes in the breast or lymph nodes in the lower neck and armpits are determined, which helps in determining the cause of the pain.
Breast X-ray: If the doctor notices a lump or thickening in the breast or a point in the tissue where the pain is localized, the doctor may resort to X-rays to assess the area.
Ultrasound: Ultrasound is used to obtain an image of the breast and is often used in conjunction with X-rays.

Severe pain in the left breast: treatment
Breast pain can be relieved through the following:

Use of topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on the painful area such as ibuprofen.
Use of medications to treat the main cause of the pain, such as using antibiotics if the cause of the pain is infectious mastitis.
Stop smoking and reduce or stop consuming excessive amounts of caffeine.
When should you visit the doctor?
Symptoms that require a visit to the doctor include the following:

The pain has nothing to do with menstruation.
Having a history of breast cancer.
Breast shape change.
The appearance of discharge from the nipple.
A rash around the nipple.
Notice a lump or swelling in the armpit.