Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason ? Symptoms, Causes & Ways To Relieve It


Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason ?

Symptoms, Causes & Ways To Relieve It

Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason
Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason

Have you ever Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason accompanied with pain in one or several of your muscles?

Did this pain make you feel tired especially when using the affected part of the body?

You might be one of the many victims of a condition called Myalgia.

Myalgia is a medical term used to refer to the pain experienced in the muscles, usually as an indication of an underlying problem.

This term is the combination of the two Greek words myos and algos which mean muscle and pain respectively.

Muscle pain is commonly prevalent in a high number of people who seek medication in order to find ways to relieve such muscle pain.


Types of Myalgia / Muscle Aches

There are two major types of Myalgia namely epidemic Myalgia and polymyalgia.

  • Polymyalgia OR  polymyalgia rheumatica is more prevalent in seniors, affecting the shoulder and neck muscles in most times.
  • This is accompanied by severe pain and stiffness of the joints surrounding these parts.
  • On the other hand, epidemic Myalgia or Bornholm disease is caused by a viral attack which makes the muscles to ache.
  • Apart from these major classifications, another form of muscle pain is fibromyalgia, though in isolated cases. A patient suffering from this case will suffer from severe pain when touching certain parts of the body.


Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason ?

Here Are The Possible Causes


Muscle pain or Myalgia can be caused by many factors such as overuse or injury to the muscles.

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However, it can happen as a side effect for some medications, diseases or even the body rejecting certain procedures like a heart surgery.

Such muscle Aches may Range from a mild ache to a severe recurring pain,

In case of Myalgia, it can sometimes cause depression and fatigue.


Overuse and injury of muscle

A muscle can be overused if it is used repeatedly and subjected to some sorts of force more than that it can handle.


Other causes For Muscle Pain

Muscle Aches Or Myalgia can also be a result of systematic disorders including influenza viruses, tetanus bacterial infections and toxoplasmosis parasite. Vaccinations and medications that are rejected by the body also have the capacity to cause this condition. Medications that are likely to cause this problem include anticonvulsants, diuretics and a range of antibiotics. This pain can also emanate from effects of dietary deficiencies especially in calcium and magnesium containing foods. Vitamins B- complex and C are very vital in muscle health and their absence in the system may lead to myalgias. Additionally, bodily disorders that alter the proper functioning of the muscles can also cause muscle pain, albeit as one of the symptoms. These disorders include diabetes, systematic lupus, Parkinson’s disease and sarcoidosis.


Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason?

How To Diagnose It?

1- Health history of the patient

Taking into consideration that muscle pain is more of a symptom than a diagnosis,

several guidelines may be adapted in order to reveal the real cause of this condition and to relieve muscle pain.

first of all the doctor will be asking about the medical history of the

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The patient will tell the doctor about the severity and the recurrence of his muscle pain and may also recall an event like an injury that might have happened.

other symptoms such as chills sleep problems, joint stiffness. may also be a pointer to Myalgia or another more serious condition.

2- Physical tests

Muscles are responsible for most of the physical activities of the human body. Thus, any problem related to the muscles will directly affect the coordination and posture.

The Doctor Or Certified Physical Practitioner can gently touch the muscles to look for tenderness.

they might as well incorporate certain types of exercises to check on the muscle strength and tone.

3- Further testing

  • Blood tests
  • an elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) result
  • urine test
  •  EMG (electromyography) test i
  • X rays
  • CT scans


Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason

How To Relieve Muscle Pain

Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason
Do You Experience Muscle Aches For No Reason

1- Stretching

warming up before and after a heavy workout is one of the best-known ways to prevent most muscle injuries.

In the normal conditions,  muscles are often cold and rigid But when you start stretching them, they warm up and blood flows into the muscles, which decrease the chances of injury.

2- Drinking Plenty Of Water

Dehydration is your muscles worst enemy as Drinking plenty of water plays an essential role in preventing muscle injuries.

when drinking sufficient amount of water blood flows well to the muscles and the lubricant liquid between your muscle works properly.

3- Varying exercise intensity

Varying the intensity level of your exercise and switching between difficult, moderate to easy ones, is extremely effective in preventing most muscle pains.

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4- Epson salt solution

Home based solutions are always good for all forms of body pains. To relieve muscle pain, a warm solution of Epson salt has been proven to be very effective. Using a warm solution of Epson salt in the bath tab helps in healing injured muscles as it sucks away body toxins.

5- Topical analgesics

Over the counter, remedies have been and still are very popular for muscle pain. Topical analgesics treatments are the most common especially for mild muscle pains. These readily available creams contain menthol and salicylates as the active ingredients and have immediate effects on the affected parts.

6- Massage therapist

More serious muscle pains can be relieved after a visit to a massage expert. A complete Swedish massage will be efficient in improving the muscle blood circulation, improve the flexibility and most importantly, relieve muscle pain. Closely related to the massage is the treatment you get from a Jacuzzi. With the ability to relieve pain and stress from all the body muscles, this is probably the most effective form of hydrotherapy.


How To Avoid Muscle Pains

Most muscle pains can be avoided if proper guidelines for body exercise are adhered to. The muscles have a wide range of motion and extensive flexibility, but injury can occur if exercise is done and halted haphazardly. A general rule is to always have a muscle stretching session before and after any workout. If pains appear after an exercise, the solution would be to have such exercises more often. As always, if the pain persists even after most remedies, it is important to see a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

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