Causes of headache on both sides
Headache is one of the annoying things that can cause anxiety and pain for many people, so some may look for the causes of headache from both sides and how to treat it through simple tips.

Headache on both sides
Headache is one of the common diseases that can occur as a result of hyperactivity or a problem in part of the sensitive parts of the brain, such as blood vessels, muscles, or those in the nerves of the head or neck.

Headaches can also occur as a result of the brain being chemically active, but the most important examples of primary headaches are migraines, tension headaches, and others. You can differentiate between each type and the other according to the location of the pain in the head.

We will explain the causes of headaches on both sides, types of headaches and ways to treat them through this article on the citizen’s website in the coming lines

Causes of headache on both sides
In order to know the causes of head pain from both sides, we must differentiate between the types of headaches according to the place in which they are located.

Primary headache on the sides of the head
This type of headache is known as tension headache, and it is considered one of the common things that can appear in many people and can be described as tension or pressure on both sides of the head, which causes pain to the sufferer in the forehead and after its development reaches the back of the head.

The feeling of this headache can reach from half an hour and can last for about seven days, but it can differ in terms of symptoms from migraine headaches. There is no feeling of vomiting or nausea, but it is sometimes accompanied by a loss of appetite in the sufferer.

One of the causes of headache on both sides for many people is what we will explain in the following:

Feeling nervous.
Feeling anxious and tense.
Sleeping for long periods.
There is a change in air temperature.
Fasting for long periods can be one of the causes of headache on both sides.
Not eating for long periods of time, which leads to the emergence of tension headaches.
Headache on one side of the head
A person can have a headache on one side of the head, and it also has several specific causes that led to its presence, such as cluster headaches that appear on one side of the head and are accompanied by red eyes, stuffy nose, facial sweating, and the inability to sleep normally.

This type can last for several weeks or months and may disappear and then reappear in the affected person, but it is a rare type.

There is also a migraine headache, which can usually appear on one side of the head, but it can cause moderate pain and cause palpitations or pulse in the head area. It is considered one of the types that usually occur in many patients and has some reasons that increase the chances of its occurrence, such as:

Make a big daily effort.
High light exposure.
Exposure to loud noises for long periods of time.

Secondary headache
Secondary headache is a symptom of a disease that a person suffers from that causes a feeling of pain in the head.

This type can appear as a result of a spinal headache that occurs when there is a cerebrospinal fluid leak and this may appear after spinal anaesthesia.
Sinusitis is one of the common things that can lead to the appearance of secondary headaches in the patient.
Feeling a headache as a result of hitting something strong, such as a traffic accident or a fall.
Headaches can result from meningitis, the membrane lining the skull.
A person can get a secondary headache that is caused by excessive use of pain relievers and then suddenly stop taking them, which leads to a feeling of pain.

A person can get a headache as a result of pressure on the neck or on the spine, which leads to severe pain.
The presence of a brain tumor is one of the things that can cause pressure on the skull, and this usually leads to headaches and headaches.
Excessive alcohol intake may cause secondary headaches in many people who drink alcohol.
Headache treatment methods
There are several things that you can do to treat the causes of headache on both sides, or to treat headaches in general, and they are related to daily habits or taking some pain medication, in the following detail:

The first thing that you must do to treat the causes of headache from both sides and get rid of the pain is to take a sufficient rest, which reduces the feeling of pain.

Also, changing the lifestyle you live can help get rid of frequent headaches, so you can rely on the practice of yoga, which reduces pain and improves health in general.

There are a lot of pain relievers that you can rely on without obtaining a prescription, such as the use of analgesic drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin and others.

For some headache cases, the doctor may prescribe antidepressants or anti-epileptic drugs, and others. It is worth noting that you must follow the doctor’s instructions about taking the appropriate treatment. Excessive use of painkillers can cause headaches to recur, which may worsen the patient’s health condition.