Have you ever had a headache right behind your eyes? What is happening and what are its causes, exactly? Here is the complete guide about headaches.

Causes of eye headache
There are various reasons for feeling a headache in the eye (or pain in the area behind the eye), and these are the most important:

1- Tension headaches
Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches, and anyone may be prone to it, although it is actually more common among women in particular.
Eye headaches are usually recurring, returning 1-2 times per month. But in some cases, this type of headache may become chronic, so the patient stays for 15 days during one month.

It is possible for this type of headache to cause a person with pain and pressure in the eye (ocular headache), and other symptoms include:

Feeling of softness in the scalp.
Pain in the forehead and in the neck.
2- cluster headaches
Cluster headaches are a series of very painful and short-lived headaches. This type of headache is not as common as the previous type (tension headache).

Cluster headaches can last from 15 to 60 minutes, and cause pricking or piercing pain in the area behind the eye, especially.

Other symptoms of a cluster headache include:

red eyes;
Puffiness and swelling of the eyes.
Excess tears.
3- sister
A migraine is a pressure or pain that a person feels in an area behind the eye. Migraine is considered one of the worst types of headaches ever, because it causes pain that may continue with the patient for hours on end or for days on end without stopping.

The pain felt by a migraine patient can have huge negative effects on the patient’s life.

Other migraine symptoms include:

sensitivity to light.
Pain in the eyes.
dizziness and lightheadedness;
general physical weakness
difficulty seeing
mood swings.

4- Eye strain
Sometimes the cause of eye headaches may be problems with vision or eyes, and eye fatigue as a result of them. As these problems may stimulate the brain to work harder to see, which appears in the form of headaches or pain in the eyes.

Among the eye problems that may cause eye pain and headache:

Optic neuritis.
Graves’ disease.
The blue water.
5- Sinusitis
Sinusitis may cause headache-like pain as a result of nasal congestion, and the congestion is usually accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the forehead, cheeks and behind the eye.

Here are some of the possible symptoms associated with sinusitis:

stuffy nose;
Pain in the upper teeth.
Fatigue and exhaustion.
Pain that gets worse when lying down.
Causes of headaches in the eye
The following factors can trigger eye headaches:

Drinking alcohol.
Exposure to strong perfume odors.
loud sounds.
bright lights;
Fatigue and tiredness.
hormonal changes;
Lack of sleep.
Psychological or emotional stress.
Infection and inflammation.
Eye headache treatment
The treatment of eye headache varies depending on the main cause behind its origin. But in general, some types of regular pain relievers can help treat a mild eye headache.

However, you should be careful not to get used to pain relievers, as this may cause the headache to return constantly and more severe and painful and not go away except with painkillers.

The doctor may prescribe certain medications to relieve headaches, such as antidepressants, in addition to some daily rules and practices that may help relieve eye headache pain, the most important of which are:

Doing exercise.
Avoid or reduce fast food.
Avoid alcohol.
Quit Smoking.
Reduce the amount of caffeine consumed.
If the condition worsens after following any of the above methods or if you start to have strange symptoms, consult a doctor immediately, as this may be a sign of an urgent medical condition that requires care and possibly surgery.