How To Avoid Muscle Soreness ?


How To Avoid Muscle Soreness

How To Avoid Muscle Soreness
Recovery Muscle


What are the Causes of Muscle Soreness?

You may have experienced muscle soreness at some point and this may be the result of heavy and strenuous workouts. Contrary to what you believe, such muscle soreness is not anywhere near linked to the presence of lactic acid, which is apparently eliminated within an hour of halting the physical routine. There are basically certain forms of routine exercise that may lead to muscle soreness that often persists for hours or for days. In fact, this is the case for first timers who may have performed a specific high-intensity exercise.

Generally, you can either feel muscle soreness that is mild during the exercise and immediately after or feel a more intense soreness after a day or two. The former is an acute buildup of end products and fluid shifting during the routine that can give you a pumped-up and heavy sensation, which usually resolves after a few hours. The latter which is termed as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is not fully understood as this type of muscle soreness is attributed to various factors such as inflammation and tissue damage. The pain is basically one of the system’s ways to let you know that the muscles are overworked or are repairing itself.


How To Avoid Muscle Soreness

recovery muscle
recovery muscle

You may begin your workout with a couple of stretches as this can prevent injuries later on.

  • When you exercise, the elastic and recoil of muscle fibers generally are worked to the level that they can be torn and damaged especially when you do multiple rounds of intense sessions.
  • Also, muscle tears during exercises may cause an inflammatory response that can add to your workout discomfort.
  • This inflammation is necessary to make way for muscle regeneration to happen. So for relief, you must rest, get a massage, put some ice on the area or perhaps take medication for your pain.
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Muscle Soreness Causes


muscle soreness
recovery muscle
    • Experiencing your share of muscle soreness isn’t something to look forward to. Whether you’re dealing with muscle-connected injury or sore muscles that aren’t injury-related, you must treat the sore spot promptly and properly. It can generally result from exhausting physical routine or high-intensity exercise that can occur during the workout, soon after or days that have passed.
    • Other causes may include stiffness that is triggered by incorrect positioning, lifting and moving heavy objects, trauma from an accident etc.


What do I need to do to alleviate the muscle soreness pain and control the swelling?

muscle soreness
recovery muscle
  1. For the area that hurts, you can immediately begin to apply a bag of ice for 15 to 20 minutes. This is done to help reduce the inflammation and swelling.
  2. Then, you can compress the part to construct and support the injured blood vessels by an elastic bandage if applicable.
  3. It follows that you ought to elevate the injured part to prevent pooling of fluids on that part. Doing this on day one can initially control the swelling and facilitate faster healing in the process.


As for muscle soreness that involves the whole body, there are several ways to relieve them.
  1. One option is resting the muscle while soaking in a warm bathtub as this can get the blood flowing.
  2. Second, you ought to drink appropriate glasses of water since water acts to hydrate and keep the muscles from cramping.
  3. Also, it can benefit you to get a massage to loosen those tight muscles and improve your circulation. It pays to visit licensed or trained therapists and let them do their magic.
  4. Finally, you can take medication to help you with soreness. If everything didn’t work out well for you, you can take an anti-inflammatory drug such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen to ease the discomfort and tenderness of the affected body part or the whole body.
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