Chinese medicine relies on the vital areas to treat lower back pain with shiatsu, which helps relieve pain, here is a pick up in the following:

Shiatsu is mainly based on pressure on certain points of the nerve in the body in order to improve blood flow, as pressure is applied by the thumb on the nerve and then released.

Shiatsu treatment has proven to be particularly effective in treating lower back pain, as its results in relieving pain may last for about 6 months. It may also improve the patient’s quality of life far from just treating back pain, as it helps to relax, sleep better, and improve digestion. the food.

Learn about the vital areas to treat lower back pain with shiatsu in the following:
Vital areas for the treatment of lower back pain with shiatsu
Have you ever thought that the pain you feel so intensely in your lower back might start in your arm? Chinese treatments depend on this logic, so learn about the vital areas for treating lower back pain with shiatsu in the following:

1. Lumbar region
In the lower back area in the middle, with a horizontal line at the waist level, there are 4 parallel points, also called the sea of ​​vitality, where pressure on these four points helps relieve lower back pain in addition to sciatica pain and other health problems related to this area.

You can do the following steps:

Start by pressing gently on the points closest to the spine and then the furthest, for one minute at a time.
Take a deep breath during the compression process and slowly raise the pressure as you exhale.
Stop stressing and rest a bit when the pain starts.
Repeat as many times as you find you need.
If it is difficult for you to apply pressure with the thumb, you can work on massaging the area with the palm of the hand.

And be careful if your back is weak, you should refrain from pressing on the bottom, and consult your doctor before doing shiatsu.

2. Stomach area
The stomach area, specifically at a distance of two fingers to the bottom of the navel, this area is one of the vital areas for treating lower back pain with shiatsu and even treating stomach problems, as pressure on this point will provide you with relief in the short and long term, by strengthening the muscles of the lower body, between Waist and hips.

You can do the following steps:

Press with your three middle fingers just below the navel for a full minute.
Repeat the process 2 to 3 times with a 10-minute break between each time.
Be careful if you are elderly or pregnant, and in these cases, stay away from pressure with your fingers and suffice with pressure with the palm of your hand, especially if you suffer from weak stomach muscles, or intestinal diseases.

3. Palm of the hand
By applying pressure to the palm of the hand, back pain can be reduced, and the stiff muscles in your lower and upper back can be softened.

When you press on the area between your index finger and thumb on the back of your palm, your body releases hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which are hormones related to pain and happiness.

To exploit the vital areas to treat lower back pain with shiatsu on your hand, follow these steps:

Place your thumb on the palm of your palm and your index finger on its back, and press the area between your index finger and thumb with the second hand.
Hold for 5-10 seconds, then rest.
Repeat the process two to three times to relieve back pain.
4. Hip area
The four vital areas of shiatsu lower back pain treatment are located in the hip area on the buttock between the top of the hip and the base of the buttocks, symmetrically with the spine, where the connection between all points makes an equilateral trapezoid shape.

And pressure on these points may relieve you of lower back and hip pain, in addition to relieving pelvic pressure.

Do the following:

Locate the four target points, then press them toward the center of the pelvis.
Hold it firmly for 5 minutes, then gradually reduce the pressure.
5. Knees
On the back of the knees, you find the vital areas for treating lower back pain with the four shiatsu, where in the back of each leg you find two points.

The two points on each leg are at the ends of the line wrinkled by the bend in the back of the knee.

Pressure from time to time on this area, in addition to helping relieve back pain, but it may also protect the knee and back from arthritis.

To exploit the vital areas to treat lower back pain with shiatsu located at the back of the knees, follow these steps:

Press both knees at the same time for half a minute continuously.
Repeat the process for 10-15 minutes while maintaining regular rest periods during it to get rid of back pain.
6. foot
As for the point of the foot, it is an essential point in the treatment of back pain, and it is located at the confluence of the bone of the big toe and the toe next to it.

Compression is done through the following steps:

Apply gentle pressure on the mentioned point for half a minute, then release.
Alternate between the feet and repeat the process of pressing 3-4 times for each foot.
Do these steps daily for a week and you will notice a difference in your lower back.
7. Elbow
The vital point is located in both elbows, right in the middle of their sockets, and they are very useful in relieving chronic lower back pain.

To exploit the vital areas to treat lower back pain with shiatsu located in the elbow cavity, follow these steps:

Press the first point with your thumb firmly for 30 seconds.
Apply pressure toward the outside of the forearm and upward.
Repeat the process with the other elbow.

Pressure point therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses fingers to gradually apply pressure to key healing points in the body. The secret of pressure point therapy is that it helps relieve tension when stimulating specific points on the body, stimulates blood circulation, relieves pain, improves spiritual health and refreshes you. Pressure point therapy may be right for you if you want to try alternative medicine for foot pain.