How have football stars such as Paulo Dybala, Mikel Arteta and Paolo Maldini been affected by the virus?
The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world and a number of footballers have been confirmed as having contracted it, forcing leagues everywhere to a standstill.
As well-paid athletes, elite-level footballers are ostensibly in a much better position to fight off the virus, but some have reported feeling serious pain and being scared.
There are a few commonly reported symptoms, but those who are asymptomatic can also be carriers and unknowingly spread it.
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Some of the main symptoms include:
Dry cough 
Loss of smell & taste
Aches & pains
Sore throat
Goal takes a look at some of the symptoms and experiences reported by footballers who contracted the coronavirus.

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Mikel Arteta | Arsenal

Symptoms: temperature, dry cough, chest pain

Arteta explained: “In terms of symptoms, it was a normal virus for me. I had three or four days which were a little bit difficult, with a bit of a temperature and a dry cough, and some discomfort in my chest. That was it.”

‘That’s when the fear comes’ – Arteta details coronavirus experience

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Callum Hudson-Odoi | Chelsea

Symptoms: “similar to a mild cold”

Chelsea and England star Hudson-Odoi recovered from the virus after spending a week-long period in self-isolation. The winger reported symptoms “similar to a mild cold”.

Hudson-Odoi reveals he has recovered from coronavirus symptoms

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Daniele Rugani | Juventus

Symptoms: mild fever

Rugani tested positive for the virus, but was ostensibly asymptomatic. In a message posted on his Twitter page, he said: “You will have read the news and that’s why I want to reassure all those who are worrying about me, I’m fine.”

His girlfriend Michela Persico told Corriere Della Sera: “Daniele recorded three mild fever lines, he was at a temperature of 37.5.

“He asked to be checked and, the next day, the test was positive, but he already had no fever, nor did he have or had a cough or something else. So we didn’t expect it. We don’t have a clue how the infection happened.”

Juventus defender Rugani tests positive for coronavirus

Luca Kilian | Paderborn

Symptoms: sore throat, fever, headache

“On March 12 I had the first of my hot flushes and a day later they were really strong. Fever and strong shivers. It was then I started being really scared for the first time,” Kilian told Westfalen-Blatt.

The player added: “It took four days for the fever to drop, and after that I felt better every day.

“I’m a sportsman and in form, but I had to fight a lot against the virus. For the people who already have health issues, it could put their life in danger.”

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Manolo Gabbiadini | Sampdoria

Symptoms: slight fever, headache

“I felt a little fever on the night of Tuesday March 10, but I didn’t think about the virus,” Gabbiadini said. “That night I slept badly, woke up often and in the morning my head was dizzy but I wasn’t hot. I only measured the fever out of concern and I was 37.5. I called Dr. Baldari from Samp, but again I didn’t think about the virus.

“Martina, my wife, however, suggested I ask for a swab, as we have two small children at home. The doctor came to do it and we made an appointment for the next day. On Thursday I was fine, my fever had ended. At 3pm the doctor called me to tell me that I was positive.”

Gabbiadini tests positive for coronavirus

Patrick Cutrone | Wolves / Fiorentina

Symptoms: mild, asymptomatic

Wolves striker Patrick Cutrone, who is on loan at Italian side Fiorentina, was among a number of players at the Florence club. However, symptoms were mild and those who tested positive were reported to be in good health.

Cutrone among confirmed cases at Fiorentina

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Eliaquim Mangala | Valencia

Symptoms: none

“I’m feeling good and I have no symptoms associated with the virus,” said the former Manchester City defender.

Indeed, Mangala believed his diagnosis was a joke, telling L’Equipe: “I didn’t have any symptoms, I was just like every day.

“So, when Sunday morning the doctor told me I was positive, I was shocked. I thought it was a joke at first. But when he talked about quarantine, for 14 days, staying away from my kids, I understood it wasn’t a joke.”

Valencia confirm 35% of squad tested positive

Ezequiel Garay | Valencia

Symptoms: none

“I have tested positive for coronavirus but feel very well,” said Garay. “Now it only remains to pay attention to the health authorities and, for now, be isolated.”

Valencia announce positive coronavirus cases after Garay result

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Blaise Matuidi | Juventus

Symptoms: none

On Instagram, Matuidi wrote: “I am an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, aware of the privilege of being a professional footballer and as such benefit from regular and excellent medical monitoring. If it weren’t, I probably never would have known.”

Juventus star Matuidi tests positive for coronavirus

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Charlie Austin | West Brom

Symptoms: fever

Though he wasn’t strictly tested for the coronavirus, West Brom striker Charlie Austin fell ill and warned people to take it seriously.

“I felt like someone had chucked a bucket of water over me. I was soaking,” the ex-Southampton and Burnley forward told the Telegraph. 

‘Don’t take it lightly’ – Austin expresses coronavirus concerns

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Paulo Dybala | Juventus

Symptoms: cough, tiredness, mild fever, headache

“I had a bad cough, I felt tired and when I slept, I felt cold. At first, I didn’t think about what it could be but it had happened to two other team-mates and the last one was me,” Dybala said during an interview with the official AFA website.

“We had headaches, but it was advisable not to take anything. The club gave us vitamins and over time we felt better. It’s psychological. You were scared at first, but it’s okay now. These days we haven’t had any symptoms.”

Dybala tests positive for coronavirus

Paolo Maldini | AC Milan

Symptoms: dry cough, loss of taste & smell, chest pain

“It was like a slightly uglier flu. But it’s not a normal flu. I know my body. An athlete knows himself,” Maldini told Corriere della Serra. 

“The pains are particularly strong, and then it feels like a squeeze in your chest… it’s a new virus. The body fights against an enemy it doesn’t know.”

Maldini expects to recover from virus ‘within a week’

getty images
Daniel Maldini | AC Milan

Symptoms: dry cough, loss of smell & taste

A statement on AC Milan’s website read: “AC Milan confirms that Paolo Maldini, the club’s technical director, became aware of contact with a person who subsequently tested positive for coronavirus and began to display symptoms of the virus himself.

“He was administered with a swab test yesterday, the result of which was positive. His son Daniel, a forward in AC Milan’s youth team who had previously been training with the first team, also tested positive.”

AC Milan legend Maldini & son test positive for coronavirus

Marouane Fellaini | Shandong Luneng

Symptoms: none

Fellaini said on Twitter: “Dear friends, I have been tested for coronavirus and my test result is positive.

“Thanks to the fans, medical staff and the club for their care and attention. I will follow the treatment and hope to return to the game as soon as possible. Please everyone stay safe.”

Former Man Utd midfielder Fellaini tests positive for coronavirus

Recber Rustu | Turkey

Symptoms: fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, cough

“Everything was normal when he suddenly developed symptoms really fast and we are still in shock. These are critical and difficult times,” Rustu’s wife Isil said.

Turkey idol Rustu hospitalised with coronavirus

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin | Arsenal Women

Symptoms: fever, headache, chest pain, fatigue, loss of taste & smell, breathing difficulties

“I had a lot of symptoms related to this virus: fever, cold, constant headache, respiratory discomfort, immense fatigue and loss of taste and smell. I checked a lot of boxes,” said Peyraud-Magnin.

“My mother told me that I had the symptoms of coronavirus, and I’m starting to really be afraid. The difficulty in breathing followed. There, I really freaked out because it was stressful, the stress causes hyper ventilation and so on.”

‘I was frightened’ – Arsenal goalkeeper Peyraud-Magnin reveals coronavirus fear

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Sir Kenny Dalglish | Liverpool

Symptoms: none

Dalglish had been in hospital for treatment of gallstones when he was confirmed as having coronavirus. However, the former Reds player and manager was asymptomatic.

Liverpool legend Dalglish tests positive for coronavirus

Junior Sambia | Montpellier

Symptoms: Breathing difficulties, diarrhoea

Montpellier midfielder Junior Sambia was placed into a coma and had to receive respiratory assistance after testing positive for coronavirus, but was subsequently brought out of the coma and was able to breathe on his own.

“He really respected confinement. He did everything well. He must have contracted the virus while shopping,” Sambia’s agent Frederic Guerra told Le Parisien. “He suffered three days of severe diarrhoea – like gastroenteritis. Then, on Tuesday morning, he went to the hospital.

“I reached him when he was on an IV. He had just received the Covid-19 test result. This one was negative. He was due to leave on Wednesday, then his condition worsened with his lungs.

“It grew more complicated in transit. He went back to the same hospital, then he changed hospitals twice before being placed in an artificial coma.”