One of the most annoying body pain is arm pain, whether it is the shoulder from the top, the wrist, the wrist, or how the hand and fingers are, here are the causes and ways to prevent them.

There are many causes that lead to arm pain, and symptoms vary according to the cause of the pain, so it is necessary to know the difference between the different types of arm pain to determine the appropriate treatment for it according to the doctor’s recommendations. What are the causes of arm pain?

Arm pain causes
There are many reasons that may result in some individuals feeling some arm pain, and the most important and prominent causes of arm pain are the following:

1. Wrong habits
Most of the time, arm pain results from doing wrong daily habits, which include the following:
carry heavy things
And relying on one arm, and the wrong method of carrying causes pain in the bones, and therefore the load must be distributed on the arms with placing things in the hands and not resting them on the arm.

Improper posture while working
Many people rely mainly on the hands to write on the keyboard or even on paper, but the arm may be in an incorrect position and does not take enough time to rest, which leads to a feeling of arm pain.

driving style
Also, when driving for long periods of time while staying in one position by raising and tightening the arms, some pain will occur in the arms, so it is necessary to move the arms and do some exercises that relieve these pains.

wrong sleep
​Where some people prefer to sleep on the arm or fold it in a certain way, and find comfort in this position temporarily, but with time and continuing in this position for a long time, arm pain will occur.

. Causes of sick arm pain
One of the causes of arm pain can be as a result of exposure to some different diseases, most notably:

carpal tunnel syndrome
As a result of pressure on the nerves of the wrist, pain occurs in the hands and in the arm in general, and its symptoms are numbness and pain in the fingers, and it can extend to the hand and arm.

Often a strong fist or sitting at a computer for long periods of time causes this disease, and therefore the patient needs to reduce his activity and use of the hand.

In addition, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatments to prevent complications that require surgical intervention.

Heart attack
There can be a link between a heart attack and pain in the left arm in particular, especially if it is accompanied by chest pain, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Another symptom that indicates a heart attack is; Shortness of breath, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, sweating, and pounding heartbeats.

Arm muscle infections
Because of lifting heavy weights, or moving heavy furniture, stress and inflammation in the arm muscles and joints can occur, and it is easy to know that the cause is wrong habits, by pressing or moving the arm, this pain is felt.

This problem requires the use of topical ointment to relieve inflammation as well as avoiding moving the arm, or carrying heavy objects, and any means that lead to fatigue.

Pain and inflammation in the neck
Pain and neck problems can also lead to pain in the arm, and numbness of the fingers, as there is a connection between the nerves of the neck and arms.

Therefore, a medical examination should be performed in the event of pain that combines the neck and arms, it is possible that there is an injury to a pinched nerve in the neck that causes pressure on the nerves and vertebrae, or cervical spondylosis affecting the spinal cord, and these cases result in severe pain in the arm.

Incorrect sleeping or sitting in one position for long periods, as well as excessive tension can lead to infections of the neck nerves that affect the arm and back as well.

Incorrect sleeping or sitting in one position for long periods, as well as excessive tension can lead to infections of the neck nerves that affect the arm and back as well.

In general, any problem with the nerves in the shoulder, wrist, or hand tendons will inevitably affect the entire arm and lead to a feeling of pain in it.

How to prevent arm pain
To avoid arm pain resulting from wrong daily habits that lead to some diseases, it is recommended to follow these preventive methods:

Do not stress the vertebrae: whether the neck, back, arm and palm of the hand, care must be taken to use it and not to stress it through wrong or fixed positions for long periods, whether in front of tablets and television or using the keyboard, and even while driving a car.
Doing some exercises: which help in the flexibility of the bones and joints in the arm, and not suffer from tension and various pain, and the most prominent of these exercises are:
Move the arm left and right, up and down and circularly, and repeat this on a daily basis whenever possible.
Interlock your fingers and pull them outward for 15 seconds, then stop pulling for another 15 seconds and repeat the exercise a few times.
The supplication exercise, which is to put the palms of the hand in a straight position in front of the chest and press on them for 5 seconds, then relax them again.
Good nutrition: you must eat healthy foods and supply the body with calcium through dairy products, as well as healthy fats found in some foods such as; Nuts to keep the heart healthy, as well as iron-rich foods from leafy green vegetables like spinach.