The Truth About Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 


Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis

Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis
Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis in its different forms has been a very persistent condition with human illness and its incidence has been on the rise each succeeding year. Most arthritic conditions, such as osteoarthritis is also inevitable as it is tied down to aging. A big contributory factor also is that most arthritis conditions have no known cure.

Now arthritis has been with us for ages, even before the advent of modern medicine and sure enough, herbal remedies have been used for ages to either treat or alleviate the pain that comes with it. You can only imagine centuries ago where people took the trouble to dig out root crops or boil herbal concoctions, compare to nowadays where people take pills and dig into the internet to gather every source of information for any form of remedy.


So how difficult is it to find a Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis?

Of course, modern medicine has come up with such a variety of pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, physical rehabilitation, and surgery to treat or alleviate arthritis. However, these modern medical remedies have their limitations. Aside from the side effects of taking in synthetic drugs, we also have a problem with the human body developing tolerance and gradually increasing the dosages needed for its effect to take place. Increasing the dosages means increasing the toxicity of such drugs which leads to a vicious cycle.

 Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 

Another problem is the fact that these drugs are usually used to prevent pain and delay further degeneration, but do not usually present a permanent cure. Physical rehabilitation has its limitations as well. Strengthening joints and muscles to provide relief but not offering a permanent solution to the problem. Surgery is advised, presents the challenge of cost-effectiveness and many peoples reluctance towards surgical procedures being performed on them. The surgical route also presents a dilemma for those with advanced age.

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With the growing distrust and frustration with modern medical science and the high cost of acquiring it, there has been a growing trend of “returning to nature” or using herbal remedies to treat or alleviate arthritis.

 Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 

Most concoctions of herbal medicine have been around for quite some time. Some of it passed down from generation to generation. Such phenomenon is not only seen in the west but in most other cultures as well. Many of these herbal remedies are the product of superstition and misinformation. However, many of these Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis have also been tried and tested by time. One example, the Chinese have been practicing their traditional medicine for more than 2000 years, and according to their most ardent practitioners, that would be sufficient time to retain the herbal remedies that work and discard those that don’t. It does make some sense. You wouldn’t be consistently using medicine even for a month if it doesn’t work for you, right?

 Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 

There is a misconception that modern medicine advises against the use of herbal remedies. Non could be farther from the truth as there are many physicians who are aware of particular remedies and even prescribe it to their patients. The problem lies with regards to exotic herbs and concoctions where it is uncertain about its use and side effects, and doctors will always prefer to err on the side if safety.

Now even with the lack of medical endorsements and the lack of support for herbal remedies, a good number of people find ways to seek out herbal remedies, and with the advent of the internet, people all over the world are able to share information.

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“why do people still have a hard time finding an effective Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis ”?


There are many plausible reasons for this. There are several races in the world, different body types, and possibly even different body chemistries due to diet, environment, etc. It is possible that some herbs will work better with these body chemistries than others. There are also problems with missed steps in preparations as most of these have been passed down through the ages. Some people also might be confused as to the name of a particular herb as some herbs may be named differently in other parts of the world.

Currently, it is good news to hear that modern pharmaceutical companies hand in hand with doctors are investigating the properties of different herbs. They are trying to find out its effective ingredients, the proper amount to take, and even its side effects. Also, with more and more information being shared around the world, there is less and less confusion with matching the right name to the right plant.

If you want to try out herbal remedies for yourself, you will have to do a great amount of research. Make sure to find a reputable source online and offline. A good idea would be to involve your doctor in your search so that you can be proactive in taking care of your health. Seek out known experts on herbal remedies as they may be able to prescribe the right Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis for you.

 Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 

Natural Home Remedies for Arthritis 

Be optimistic that one-day modern medicine will be able to unlock these secrets so that eventually we will be able to find a definitive cure for this condition.

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