You need to know Effective Ways to pain below left shoulder blade

Pain below left shoulder blade is one of the most common causes a person can feel, and no specific age or gender is distinguished, since all people of all ages, whether they are boys or girls, men or women, are at risk of developing Pain below left shoulder blade Or right, or both regions at the same time, and the reason for the common occurrence of this situation is the large number of reasons leading to it.

In this article, we discuss in some detail the talk about Pain below left shoulder blade, to get to know first-hand, about the causes that lead to that feeling, how to prevent it, and what are the various methods of treatment for it.

Let’s continue reading, and discover everything we need to know about Pain below left shoulder blade.

The nature of pain below the left shoulder blade, and its common causes

A person can gradually feel Pain below left shoulder blade, or suddenly, and the pain may be in one area, or in both areas, at the left and right shoulder together.

A person may feel pain due to infection in the ligaments of the shoulder joint, or inflammation in one of the arm muscles, but that pain is significantly noticeable at the beginning of physical activity, or it may be gradual after stopping the activity.

Let’s look at the most common causes of pain under the shoulder blade:

1- Muscle knot condition

A person may encounter this condition when he makes a great effort in a short time, and it often occurs for athletes who practice types of sports that mainly depend on the arms, such as throwing, swimming or gymnastics.

A person can feel it under the skin, it is like having a thick thread in your jacket, and pulling it out, which causes the fabric to collect and clump.

In the body, what really happens is the state of connective tissue adhesion to muscle tissue, and ultimately it is that node that is felt in the area under the left or right shoulder blade.

Although the occurrence of a muscle knot is not a serious matter, but it negatively affects the daily activities of a person, it greatly limits movement.

 A person may have difficulty in moving his arm or twisting, or having difficulty picking up something from a high place, which drives him to raise his arm and stretch his torso significantly.

This condition is usually treated with a massage technique, called “Myofascial release”, a technique that relies on moderate pressure on the spot where the muscle node is, to be released from the adhesion state.

2- Muscle stress

Muscle fatigue is one of the most common and frequent causes of Pain below left shoulder blade. Muscle fatigue is called the term pulled muscle, and this condition usually occurs when a person overuse his arms or his upper back muscles.

Also, the state of muscle fatigue may occur when a person sleeps on a new bed, or that he sleeps in a position different from what he is used to, or that he has started a new type of physical exercise.

Another reason Pain below left shoulder blade is the precedent of a rupture of the rotator cuff, and also if that feeling of pain is not new, and the person has felt it before, it may be an indication of a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia, a common condition that affects 3-6% Of the people, the symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of muscle fatigue, but this condition requires a necessary visit to the doctor.

3-Causes of bones and joints

Bone problems such as fractures are not common in the shoulder blade, as the shoulder is one of the most difficult bones in the body to break. You are not likely to have a broken shoulder without remembering the cause. The causes usually include high-speed car crashes or accidents. The bone part of your shoulder, without a traumatic history, may be affected if you have a history of cancer.

Osteoporosis may affect the shoulder blades, shoulders or neck, resulting in Pain below left shoulder blade.

Arthritis can lead to pain in the shoulder blades in more ways than one. The scapula may be directly involved, or you may experience localized arthritis pain in other areas of the chest including the spine, shoulder or ribs.


Finally, nerve compression in the neck by collapsed or displaced discs or spinal stenosis may cause Pain below left shoulder blade. With disc disease, you may have pain in your neck or numbness and parched your arm in your hands. The location of pain in the shoulder blades associated with cervical disc disease is already being evaluated for its ability to help doctors locate nerve compression that requires surgery.

4- Causes of the heart

Pain below left shoulder blade is one of the signs of a heart attack, as heart attacks, especially in women, should be considered in any form of pain in the trunk.


You may experience conditions such as pericarditis (endometriosis) or aortic dissection as pain in the left shoulder blade alone.

If a person is unsure of the cause of his pain, it may be a sign of a possible risk of heart disease, and he should seek medical attention immediately.

5- Causes of the lung (pulmonary)

It may be because of the Pain below left shoulder blade to develop lung cancer and mesothelioma, or pancreatic tumors, a form of lung cancer that grows on the tops of the lungs, and usually causes pain in the shoulders, shoulder blades, and arms, in addition to the most common symptoms of lung cancer.


Pain may also be due to pulmonary emboli (blood clots in the legs that separate and pass into the lungs) or (collapsed lung) are also possible causes.


6- Pelvic and abdominal causes

It may be surprising to hear that pelvic or even abdominal problems can cause pain in the shoulder blade, but this is fairly common as nerves that pass along the base of the diaphragm (the muscles that separate the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity) can cause pain that appears It arose in your shoulder or your shoulder. You may have heard people talking about pain in the shoulder blade or shoulder blade after surgery. When gas is injected into the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic surgery, it often irritates the nerves along the lower diaphragm which leads to shoulder pain after surgery.


Pancreatitis is more likely to cause pain in Pain below left shoulder blade. In some cases that may cause shoulder blade pain include gallstones, peptic ulcer disease, acid reflux, and liver disease. In these cases, the indicated pain is often on the right shoulder blade. The pancreas is part of the digestive system.


7- Metastasis (cancer)

In addition to lung cancer, other tumors that include the chest such as lymphomas or abdominal cancers such as esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, or pancreatic cancer may lead to Pain below left shoulder blade. Bone metastases may occur on the shoulder blades with cancers such as breast, lung, esophageal, and colon cancer.


8- Radiological studies

Radiological studies may include chest x-ray imaging, chest scanning of your chest or other areas of your body, chest MRI or other areas, and / or PET examination if you have a history of cancer. Note that normal chest X-rays may miss some reasons, and that chest x-rays are normal in one out of four people with lung cancer.

9- Heart tests

If your doctor worries that the Pain below left shoulder blade may be caused by heart health problems, then tests such as EKG or stress test will be appropriate. It is necessary to point out that heart pain, especially for women, can only be expected in your shoulder blades.

10- Abdominal examinations

Tests may be performed as a toposcope to examine the stomach and small intestine. In the endoscopic process, the patient is given a drug that makes them tired and a threaded tube through the mouth and passes into the esophagus and stomach, allowing the doctor to photograph these areas carefully. Ultrasound may be done to examine the gallbladder, and tomography can be done to examine the liver and pancreas.

11- Blood tests

A blood test can also be performed. Liver function tests may be done to check for hepatitis (which can often be referred to the left shoulder or shoulder blade, and tests may also be done to check for arthritis and other connective tissue diseases.


How to deal if you are in Pain below left shoulder blade

Treatment for shoulder blade pain depends on the underlying cause of the pain. If shoulder pain is associated with muscle strain, then these procedures are sufficient:

  • Take a comfortable position to lie down or sleep.
  • Heat or physical therapy may be helpful.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications If you do not have contraindications from taking them.
  • Treatment with Advil (ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxen) may also reduce the feeling of pain.
  • Also stretching and massage can be beneficial for some people.
  • In some cases, pain is treated with radiation, orthopedic drugs, or chemotherapy for cancer-related pain.


When to call your doctor?

If the pain attacks you and lasts for more than a few days, it is important to make an appointment to see your doctor – even if you have been involved in activities that you suspect are the cause of your pain. If your in Pain below left shoulder blade is severe or it is accompanied by symptoms of shortness of breath, chest pain, or if you feel that something is dangerous, you should contact your doctor immediately.