Pain In The Lower Left Back – What Causes The Pain & How To Treat It?

Lower left back pain has actually been one of the most widely spread reasons for individuals to seek medical assistance. Some may suffer consistent anguishes while others may suffer fluctuating aches. The intensity and severity is dependent on the cause of the discomfort and requests for different treatment alternatives.


While there are a great deal of reasons for an individual to suffer from lower left back main, there are some typical issues. That consists of:

Damage to the soft tissues of the body consisting of the supporting muscles and ligaments for the spine
These include stress and pulls to the lower back muscles caused due to overuse or overstretch due to some activities. It likewise consists of sprain to the ligaments, swelling or muscle spasms.

Physical injury caused to the spine consisting of the discs or joints
It is the most typical reason for lower left neck and back pain in people triggered due to the affect of a great deal of problems consisting of herniated discs in the lumbar regions, medical conditions such as osteoarthritis in the facet joints of the spinal column or a general dis-function in the sacroiliac joint of the column. While all the elements have their own causes that result in the condition, they jointly add to the same cause, lower left pain in the back in the individuals.

Medical conditions that affect the internal organs consisting of intestines, kidney and the organs of the reproductive system
It is another one of the common reasons for lower pain in the back in individuals that are not absolutely under our control. It can be caused due to any disruptions in the stomach organs consisting of infections in the kidneys, stones in the bile gland or kidneys, infections in the pancreas, ulcer infections in the colitis and even gynecological concerns in women including endometriosis and development of fibroids in their reproductive organs.


Symptoms for lower left back pain can be anything beginning from serious discomfort, burning, tingling or severe discomfort to the left side of the body. It depends on the severity of the disorder and the cause of the discomfort.

Feeling of uncommon weak point in the lower areas of the body
Experience of tingly sensations in the left sides of the lower back parts
Queasiness or throwing up conditions in a lot of common cases
People also complain to fall short of breathe
Dizziness is another typical symptom
Chills and fevers due to acute pain to the bones prevail
Confusion in general
If the discomfort is because of other medical conditions of the stomach organs, people normally have experiences of unpleasant urination. In extreme cases, bloodied urination is likewise a sign.
Incontinence is another typical sign for people suffering from lower left back pains.
If you experience any several than among the following conditions for more than a few days, you must immediately think about consulting with your physician as carelessness can generate more unfavorable impacts to your general health.


The most main treatment to lower left back pains is self care. With proper rest and avoidance of laborious activities, you can easily pull the reins on your back discomfort.

There are a lot of treatments you can obtain if you are suffering from severe cases and require to go to a physician. That includes recommended medicines such as:

Muscle relaxants:

Physicians can recommend you muscle relaxant medications consisting of baclofen, chlorzoxazone for cases of muscle spasms and tightness.

Opioid and narcotics:

In extreme cases, utilizing opium based drugs like fentanyl and hydrocodone are used for short time covers if the intensity of the pain is too great to endure.


Steroid injections for lumbar epidural space are likewise an option. Medical professionals also recommend the use of braces at times.
A surgical technique may be opted to cure the concern if the conditions are too extreme to be treated with medication. Apart from that, massage, acupuncture and meditation can be efficient in most cases.