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16 Causes For The Shooting Pain In Elbow Joint

Shooting Pain In Elbow Joint


Tendinitis in the Elbow joint which comes on suddenly can affect the inner or outer elbow causing a shooting pain. Treatment includes resting, applying ice pads, some inflammation medications. Shooting pain in elbow joint has many other causes such as:


1- Elbow Strain: 

Or pulled muscle, this happens when the muscles surrounding the elbow are overstretched or pulled out from their normal position to the point they tear. Indications of having elbow strain will probably include discoloration, bruising and swelling in skin around the elbow.



It is the inflammation or irritation of the tendons of the elbow. Symptoms include pain seizures especially during nights at night, pain that worsens after performing activities that overuse the elbow joints as well as elbow joint tenderness.


3-Tennis Elbow:

Tennis Elbow is a general term to describe pain in the outside part of the elbow. The most widely common causes are aggravation or degeneration of the wrist ligament as they embed into the elbow. It is otherwise called parallel epicondylitis or extensor tendinopathy


4- Ulna Nerve Contusion

If you hit the inside part of the elbow, this might gives you a numbness feeling down the forearm and that buzz can extend to the forth and fifth fingers (funny bone). The ulnar nerve is the one responsible for that feeling.


5-Elbow Bursitis – Student’s Elbow:

Elbow bursitis,  Olecranon, or Student’s elbow is the inflammation and swelling of the bursa which protects the back of the elbow where the ulna bone is.


6-Olecranon Fracture:

The olecranon lies in the back of the elbow. Most olecranon fractures are due to a direct impact or fall onto your elbow while bending it.


7- Elbow Fractures:

An elbow fracture will definitely cause shooting pain in elbow joint. The elbow joint consists of three bones that might get such fracture which are the upper arm bone (humerus), and another two forearm bones (Ulna and Radius).


8- Elbow Dislocation:

Elbow dislocations are the second most recurring joint dislocations in adults, after shoulder dislocations.


9-Medial Elbow Ligament Sprain:

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) of the elbow lies in the inner side of the elbow. And it’s responsible for stabilizing the elbow joint. Any damage to the MCL will most likely be a result of some direct impact or from repetitive overuse of the elbow joint.


10- Elbow Avulsion Fracture:

This happens when the elbow tendons come away from the bone and can take part of the bone with it.


11-Biceps Tendon Strain:

This condition is rare, yet recognizable among weightlifter and other athletes practicing sports that involves carrying heavy weights.


12-Elbow Hyperextension:

This occurs when bending the elbow back in a wrong way. This over-straightening position of the elbow causes ligaments damage and immediate shooting pain in elbow joint.


13-Referred Elbow Pain:

Other potential causes of pain on the outside of the elbow beside the common injury of the tennis elbow may include referred pain. In such cases the shooting pain in elbow joint may be an indication of another underlying condition such as: radial tunnel syndrome, synovitis, bursitis and osteochondritis dissecans.


14-Medial Elbow Pain:

AKA Golfer’s elbow or throwers elbow. This type of elbow aches come on gradually through the joint overuse but can cause shooting pain in elbow joint as well. It can cause sharp acute pain in the elbow, especially when throwing. Other causes for pain in medial elbow include ligament tears (sprains), pinched nerve, avulsion fractures apophysitis and elbow referred pain from the upper back or shoulder.


15- Arthritis: 

When cartilage in the elbow joints ware out it causes the bones to rub together. Symptoms of arthritis include; elbow stiffness (especially in the morning), swelling, redness and difficulty to move the elbow joint.


16- Direct Injury: 

Fractures and dislocation in the elbow joint may be due to a direct fall or impact to the arm. Symptoms include an extreme, shooting pain in the elbow joint and the arm. Bones may even appear deformed due the fracture or the dislocation of the bones. Go to an ER immediately if you experience an accident that involves a direct impact to the elbow that causes such symptoms.

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