Correct Tennis Elbow Brace Placement + Video


Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

What Tennis Elbow Straps Can Do For You

How Does An Elbow Strap Function?

Tennis Elbow Brace Placement
Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

An elbow strap is a being considered as one of the ways to relieve and help the healing of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an injury that involves the arm and the forearm muscles resulting in tennis elbow pain due to overuse.

An elbow strap is designed for tennis elbow sufferers to protect the injury, to provide relief and to prevent more serious measures such as cortisone or lateral epicondylitis surgery.

There is a way to safely strap your elbow for protection and treatment. You can start using the compression bandage or use innovative products to wrap your injured elbow. In wrapping a compression bandage, you will need a compression bandage and a safety pin.


Correct Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

Tennis Elbow Brace Placement
Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

The ways of maintaining a compression bandage properly are as follows:

Tennis Elbow Brace Placement
Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

(1) assess the injury, pain is experienced on the outside of elbow just below the upper arm when you try to squeeze or grasp;
(2) treat the acute injury with a cold compress for the first few days, also, rest is a must as you alternate ice with a compression bandage;
(3) when the pain persists after three days, you can start the wrap;
(4) start the wrap just below the elbow and encircle the upper forearm, a commercial bandage can be used for they offer pads that provide extra pressure directly on the injured part;
(5) continue wrapping in the same area so as to provide compression and counter-force where the bandage should be snug without restricting circulation;
(6) lock the wrap by tucking the end of the bandage under a previous wrap to keep it from unraveling or pin it to keep it in place, and;
(7) change the bandage frequently, it must be comfortable without losing its compression.

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Tennis Elbow Strap Precautions

The tennis elbow strap must not be worn at night but it’s a good reliance while doing physical activities. A certain study shows the theory behind counter-force that is applied to elbow wraps/bands/straps. It states that “counter-force bracing is similar to the mechanics of a guitar”. It explains that as you place your fingers on a string along the neck of the guitar, the tension is being reduced on the string distal to the fret where your fingers are located.

The fingers can be thought of as the counter-force elbow wrap/strap and the neck of the guitar can be though of as your forearm. The guitar strings, however, can be thought of as your extensor muscles. Thus, the tension of the muscles is being reduced as they attach to the outside part of your elbow or lateral epicondyle.

More on Tennis Elbow Straps

Tennis Elbow Brace Placement
Tennis Elbow Brace Placement

The use of commercial band or braces for tennis elbow or straps is helpful for they are designed to fit in and to promote healing as well. Most have an adjustable support that provides direct pressure to the sore tendon area. Some are perspiration absorbent, being light and comfortable, elbow band that provides constant support to the tendons of the elbow. An elbow strap mainly functions as a support of the tendons in the arm, relief from pain due to inflammation, prevents further damage and to promote healing.


Another good way to get rid of tennis elbow pain is to learn how to do exercises for tennis elbow. This will not only help you prevent your symptoms, but also give you the right tools to get some instant pain relief when needed.

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