Top 5 TLSO Brace Precautions To Survive Your Time Wearing It


Top 5 TLSO Brace Precautions To Survive Your Time Wearing It

TLSO Brace Precautions
TLSO Brace Precautions

1- Undershirts 

the FIRST TLSO Brace Precautions to do after being fitted for the brace (the brace people usually measure and custom-fit it for you), is to pick up an “under armour” or other similar moisture-wicking t-shirt or tank top.

These space-age shirts will keep you cool and dry and will minimize your ‘itch-factor’ (which will subsequently minimize your insanity factor)


2- Skin Care 

I was sentenced to the body brace for 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. The first 3 weeks I couldn’t even take off the brace to SHOWER (only sponge baths were allowed).

So being that the brace is in such close proximity to the skin 24 hrs a day, it is IMPERATIVE that you take care of your skin.

This means make sure that you stay moisturized but DRY and clean.  I recommend a hefty bottle of BABY POWDER that you should use LIBERALLY to prevent chafing, stickiness, and odor (I’ve also been told that corn starch is a good alternative to baby powder).

Also pick up a super-sensitive fragrance-free non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) body lotion.

Once I was allowed to shower without the brace, I also used a gentle body scrub to help get rid of all the dead skin cells and minimize itch.


3- Brace Care 

much as you might hate it, your brace is your best friend while you heal. The last thing you need is for it to get smelly or even MORE uncomfortable.

Each time you bathe, be sure that you clean the brace thoroughly. If you have a brace like mine above, the material is non-pourous so will not absorb liquid (or odor thank goodness).

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The straps will get wet, however. You can use a hair dryer or fan on LOW to dry the brace after you wash it (DON’T put it on high as custom-fit braces are designed to be malleable under heat).

Be sure to use something antibacterial on it every so often depending on the heat, weather, etc – antibacterial soap will work.

TLSO Brace Precautions
TLSO Brace Precautions

4- Brace Fashion

yeah, it’s not exactly the sexiest accessory you’ve ever worn.

When I first got out of the hospital I could care less what I looked like, however when the pain began to become more manageable and I was taking daily walks per my Doc’s instructions, I got tired of the ‘Igor’ looks from little kids.

It was also just irritating that the first thing people noticed was my brace, then I had to go into the whole story, which sounded less and less glamourous with each telling (I started making up alternative accounts – claiming I had saved a bus full of babies or hurt myself while mountain climbing).

I found out after a quick trip to Old Navy that I could actually disguise the brace quite easily with some large t-shirts and some light button-down overshirts or blouses. If I wore the overshirt you couldn’t even tell that I was wearing the brace. I also considered getting the brace officially decorated.

At a friend’s recommendation I contacted a local sign maker who called me back with several ideas for getting the brace airbrushed. Only problem was that the thing would have to be OFF to paint it…hrm…maybe someone else out there would have better luck if they were so inclined.

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5- Mental Health 

12+ weeks of sitting at home, not being able to drive (if you’re on narcotic pain killers), and relying completely on the aid and kindness of others can result in an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and frustration.

Adding to that is the fact that many heavy medications (like pain-killers and muscle relaxers) can result in sedation, lethargy, and even depression.

Many have said that a positive mental state can have a reciprocal impact on the healing process.

In any case, the better you feel, the easier you’ll make it through and the better you’ll cope with pain and frustration, so mental health should be a high priority on your list.

Keep your friends, family members and/or caretakers updated on how you’re feeling daily.

In addition to being able to offer you additional support, if you communicate your mood on a regular basis, they will be less likely to take things personally if you happen to be extra grumpy or sensitive.

Stay busy, do what makes you feel productive and happy, try to avoid Jerry Springer 😉

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