Worst Way Vs Best Way To Help Knee Pain


Best Way To Help Knee Pain

Best Way To Help Knee Pain
Best Way To Help Knee Pain

The Top 3 Deadly Knee Treatment Mistakes

Avoid dangerous arthritis drugs, joint-destroying cortisone injections, and cartilage scarring micro-surgery.
Multiple studies have confirmed these treatments can destroy your knee cartilage causing early old-age arthritis resulting in a needless knee replacement.

And worse of all…

Arthritis (NSAIDS) Drugs Can Kill You!

NSAIDs have serious side effects like bleeding ulcers, heart attacks and even may kill you.

According to the CDC, NSAIDS drugs are the 15th leading cause of death and hospitalize 245,000 people a year in the USA.


Knee Pain – What  Is Best Way To Help Knee Pain for You?

Best Way To Help Knee Pain
Best Way To Help Knee Pain
I’ve been in your shoes – suffering will terrible knee arthritis pain. Not only I have cured my own ten-year chronic knee pain but also I’ve helped thousands of people find long-lasting relief for their pain.

The knee pain treatment recommendations here are not based solely on just clinical studies but rather on real-world experience and results.

Today there’s far too much Internet hype about dubious therapies, shady supplements, and remedies that don’t work – pushed by unscrupulous snake oil salesmen out to make a quick buck.

Knee treatments need to be tested and proven through real-world experience in real people. In my clinic office, I tested thousands of different drugs samples, natural supplements, and medical devices – all with outstanding clinical studies claiming miracle cures.

Best Way To Help Knee Pain
Best Way To Help Knee Pain

Yet I can count on one hand the real ones that really helped people. There is no substitute for real-world experience and results. For example, I first learned about Hyaluronic acid injections 20 years ago is done in Austria. In my experience, those injections didn’t help most patients have any reasonable lasting knee pain relief.

Today doctors routinely recommend a series of these $600 knee injections for patella-femoral syndrome – a pre-arthritic condition and arthritic knees. People pay up to $1800 for this limited -success knee treatment. Yet sadly less than 20% of people have any significant or lasting improvement from these injections. In fact, the nutrient in these injections can be taken as a supplement or found in food, which is a far better, more effective and cheaper way to take it.

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The knee pain treatment recommendations I will share with you have been tried, tested and proven to help people. Some of these knee treatments are old-fashioned and discarded by doctors because they weren’t the latest trend – while others are combinations of successful treatments from my clinic.


Do You Suffer from New or Old Knee Pain

All knee pain ultimately is caused by joint inflammation with local nerve irritation. There are two main types of knee pain – new pain with acute inflammation lasting less than 6 weeks and old pain with chronic inflammation lasting more than 6 weeks (often months or years).

These two types of inflammation new (acute) and old (chronic) require different treatments. If your pain is severe, you may have also lost the natural painkillers in your brain and spine.


Best Way To Help Knee Pain

Knee Treatment

The first step is to get an accurate diagnosis. An accurate knee diagnosis helps you find the right treatment for successfully relieving and hopefully curing your pain. Getting an accurate diagnosis is more difficult than you would think. Most doctors don’t listen too or examine patients properly and instead, they depend on MRI and x-ray.


Unfortunately, these tests are not accurate enough to diagnosis most knee pain properly. Nor do these tests find the cause of your injury or knee pain. Here’s an example misdiagnosis: A patient of mine Eric injured his left knee and tore the inside cartilage (called medical meniscus).


The surgeon wanted to operate but I recommended Eric do try conservative knee treatments like icing, therapeutic exercise, and enzymes. 4 weeks later, he was much better and did well for the next year. He suffered another knee injury and saw another surgeon who obtained an MRI that showed a cartilage tear.


The doctor recommended knee surgery. The problem was that torn knee cartilage was an old injury and not the new injury. In fact, my friend had torn the inside ligament (called MCL) on his knee – which the MRI missed.

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The Surgeon had missed it as well because he never listened too or examined the patient properly. He thought the MRI would provide the diagnosis. Sadly, miss-diagnosis like this is a common occurrence.


Here are some suggestions to get the help you get an accurate diagnosis: These are not the only possible knee pain causes but most frequency ones.

Serious Knee Pain Symptoms that should send you to the local emergency room or the doctor:

  • Large knee swelling usually means there is blood in the joint, possible fracture if a high-speed injury like a car accident
  • Hot and red knee – usual inflammation from infection, gout, inflammatory arthritis or cancer


 Other Serious Knee Problems

  • Knee Pain after walking a fixed distance called claudication – may mean spinal channel narrowed (stenosis) pinching nerves or blood vessel(s) narrowed in the leg ( athlescelerosis)
  • Fever with knee pain – infection until proven otherwise
  • Pain down the leg or up to the back maybe herniated disc or sciatica, nerve dysfunction or pain
  • Knee pain with swollen calf and /or Leg cold and numb- possible blockage of blood vessels – blood clot (DVT – deep vein thrombosis), varicose veins, muscle tear (plantaris) back of the knee
Best Way To Help Knee Pain
Best Way To Help Knee Pain

Common Knee Symptoms and what they mean:

  • Your knee gets stuck – also called locking. You can’t move or bend your leg without unlocking your knee. This is a possibility a torn cartilage or loose body in the knee and may require surgery.
  • Fake locking. Your knee feels stuck but you can move it with effort. Often happens after prolonged, climbing stairs getting up out of a chair. Usually, the result of rough cartilage on the back of the kneecap. Maybe be pre-arthritis (also called chondromalacia, Patellar Femoral Syndrome) or arthritis.
  • Swelling minimal – arthritis, ligament tear with knee instability, cartilage (meniscus) tear
  • Pain on walking or activity – pre-arthritis, arthritis, torn cartilage and or ligament
  • Large swelling back of knee only- sac full of fluid called Bakers Cysts
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Find a Good Doctor

Best Way To Help Knee Pain
Best Way To Help Knee Pain

Try and find a sports doctor who is not a surgeon. They are usually more knowledgeable than the family doctor and less knife happy than the surgeons.

Large swelling in your knee is usually a sign of a serious problem like bleeding into the joint and should be taken to the emergency room or a qualified sports clinic.



Good for arthritis and significant or older fractures. Sometimes X-rays will not show early and hairline fractures

MRI At best a guide unless injury large and significant. For fractures, cartilage, ligament tears. Notoriously inaccurate.

Knee Arthroscopy

A scope that allows the surgeon direct viewing of injured structures like cartilage, joint surface, and fractures. Highly accurate for diagnosing.


Bone Scan:

Old test that shows up stress fractures.


New or Acute Knee Pain Treatment

Your main symptoms are swelling with pain and inflammation.



Find a good sports doctor and physical therapistsice with compression, natural anti-inflammatory enzymes, and therapeutic exercises.

Tip: The best sports therapists look after the professional and college athletes and teams in your town.

Healing Enzymes:

Proteolytic enzymes are extremely effective for reducing inflammation and healing injuries. These are used more commonly in Europe. In fact, the number one anti-inflammatory in Germany is an enzyme blend called Wobenzyme. 3 out of 4 people respond well to enzymes. For those that do not, they can use traditional anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen.


Ice or heat, sprays, and rubs 

These are old fashion treatments that help give you instant relief – if used the right way. It is important to try and get yourself out of pain as much as possible to break that inflammation cycle. Once you break that cycle your pain will be much less or even gone for the first times in months or years.


Hope this information helps you with your knee pain.

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